‘Bless her stupid heart': PETA chick strips down, packages herself like meat outside Ala. BBQ joint

On Wednesday, a woman packaged in plastic wrap and fake blood held a PETA demonstration outside Dreamland Bar-B-Que in downtown Montgomery, Ala. Because, you know, nothing says “meat is murder” like a mostly naked chick.

Time to break out the Southern hospitality!

PETA has a long history of using a “sex sells” strategy to rally support. But this activist may want to go back to the sexiness drawing board. Hilariously, her oh-so-provocative display included flesh-colored granny panties.

PETA protests meat consumption with graphic display Wed. outs... on Twitpic

Changing hearts and minds … with blood-spattered granny panties! Bless her heart, indeed!

Dreamland took the snort-worthy display in stride.

Don’t worry, Dreamland! Your guests and future patrons weren’t disturbed enough to give up their carnivorous ways.

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