Obama taps counterterrorism adviser John Brennan for CIA Director; Updated


As Twitchy has reported, President Obama is expected to nominate Sen. Hagel for Secretary of Defense. The announcement is due this afternoon. It is now being reported that he will also nominate John Brennan to head the CIA.



Heh. No, the other one: The chief counterterrorism adviser Brennan.


Twitter users react immediately, and bring up some points before the media does, as usual.








And, zing:


Twitchy will continue to monitor this news and will update with further developments.

Update: David Axelrod swoons.


Gee, we wonder why?


  • syvyn11

    With Brennan, Hagel and Kerry, it’s the march of the radicals.

    Dark days are ahead for America.

  • syvyn11

    With Brennan, Hagel and Kerry, it’s the march of the radicals.

    Dark days are ahead for America.

  • clarioncaller

    Let’s be perfectly clear….Obama didn’t choose Brennan, he was TOLD to choose Brennan.

  • Ntr

    Is it just me or does Brennan look a little like Peter Creedy from V for Vendetta? I wonder if he has the same persona as the Creedy character.

  • michael s

    Sen Graham wants answers from Brennan on Libya? Even though he’s 4 mos late.(and we know why that is). Brennan in case you forgot has more culpability on Benghazi than UN ambassador Rice. The 79 GOP Congress people aren’t calling for him not to be confirmed to a higher position as they did a certain female . McCain isn’t saying he’s incompetent as he did a certain female. Ayotte and Collins don’t have problems with the more accountable Brennan on Libya, than they did a certain female. Could it be the more accountable Brennan is —–. No I must be wrong,there’s no double standard, right?