Crushed unicorn dreams: ‘Why is my paycheck less’ turns to Obama vote regrets; ‘I should have voted Romney’

Oh, dear. The harsh reality of crushed unicorn dreams and the bitter smell of regret. As Twitchy reported, Americans started noticing that Obama’s “fair share” claims weren’t so fair and many were shocked … shocked … that their first paychecks of the year were smaller.

The indebted young Twitter user above now says she was just being sarcastic, but plenty of Obama supporters facing smaller paychecks continue to show genuine disenchantment. Feel the remorse. **


Real photo or not, that sentiment is being expressed across Twitter. Obama is “the light and the future?” Not so much, unless light means light in the wallet.


Oh, sweetie. Bless your heart. Precious Mildred seems to be in a growing minority, as many others realize that the country voted to go Forward! … to smaller paychecks.

Twitter users, in yet another prescient move, took solace in the thought that we could at least giggle at all the disenchanted Obama voters. And disenchanted, they are.

The thought of them all scrawling in their tear-stained diaries while smoking cloves and listening to REM’s “Everybody Hurts” is schadenfreud-elicious. However, sadly, we are all dealing with the economy-crushing reality, financial hardship and consequences of their bad choices. Β In Obama’s America, everybody does hurt.

Yes, they are. Many Twitter users are now expressing regret over voting for Obama.

More are kicking themselves for not casting their votes for Romney.

Why, indeed?

Elections, they have consequences.

** Post was edited for clarification.

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