erik loomis assistant professor002

erik loomis assistant professor002

  • K

    Exiled from Oregon, indeed! Thank the Lord above! We don’t want him here. What an immature, perverted, arrogant pig!

  • hwt123

    What a clueless fool , i call people who do not know the truth about this nation , especially a history teacher, Sheep…
    If this idiot opened his eyes & ears more & kept his hole closed , he would learn that both parties as well as the media is corrupt. He would tell you about the act of 1871.
    he would tell you how global secret bankers took over our country.
    he would tell you that both sides of the civil war was funded by the same group, the Rothschild.
    This nation was pawned off in 1871 to pay for the deliberate war.
    a 10 sq. mile section of land known as Washington D.C. was sold to the Rothschild.
    The Rothschild took control of our currency in 1913 & passed the income tax to make tax slaves out of the people…
    He would tell you that the secret global banking cabal has funded both sides of every war since 1860.
    He would also tell you that the Federal reserve’s charter ends 12/23/2013 and to look for the dollar to collapse before then…

  • Kevin Goff

    Glad to know the asshat could not take criticism since he deleted his account. I am only upset I did not get a chance to tell him exactly what I think of him and any of these other idiots that want to try and take yet another Constitutional right away from us.