Execrable ghoul David Frum mocks victims of Conn. school shooting; Update: Eric Boehlert, Piers Morgan join in; Update: Michael Moore swoops in; Update: Celebrity ghouls crawl out

As Twitchy reported, shots rang out this morning at Sandy Hook Elementary School in Newtown, Connecticut. Students and staff are being evacuated, and there are reports of injuries and fatalities. While most Twitterers are praying for the victims and for everyone’s safety, one ghoul just couldn’t resist turning this horrible event into a showcase for his political jackassery.

Execrable David “No Labels” Frum immediately seized the opportunity to use the shooting to score a few cheap laughs. All he accomplished was making a colossal idiot of himself. Twitterers were rightly disgusted:

Evidently not. What a loathsome creature.



Media Matters senior fellow of jerkitude Eric Boehlert is also weighing in with his trademark ghoulishness:

What’s with the scare quotes, Eric?

He also retweeted this little pearl of wisdom:


But not to be outdone, hacktastic gun control zealot Piers Morgan oh-so-tastefully inserted himself into the narrative:

What America needs is to keep our children safe, you fool.

Yes. Pray for the children, Piers. Quit politicizing every single tragedy in order to prop yourself up.

Unbelievable. Frum and Boehlert are certainly in illustrious company.



Like a rabid vulture, Michael Moore has swooped in to pick at the tragedy.




More lefty celebrities are crawling out from under their rocks to pitch in with the ghoulish politicizing. Sickening.


‘Thinking’ man David Frum doubles down on the douchebaggery over Newtown tragedy

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