Rapper The Game and fans attack ‘racist,’ ‘bitch,’ ‘hoe’ Malkin and Fox News; Fans threaten rape and death

Let’s try and decipher this for standard English-speaking people. Rapper The Game is urging his followers to boycott something called “Fox News 11,” as well as Twitchy founder and columnist Michelle Malkin (or someone else named “Michlle” — it’s a little confusing).

Why the boycott? It must be because of the Twitchy post calling attention to The Game’s cover for his new CD, “Jesus Piece,” which many people found blasphemous in its conflation of Catholic, gang and drug-related imagery. (Both SPIN and Entertainment Weekly thought it kind of sucked, too, so you’d better boycott them for being RAAACIST, too.)


Sorry, Twitchy readers, you can’t love both Michelle and The Game. It’s time to choose. These people have chosen … poorly.

(File photo courtesy of MSNBC.)

No! Nobody knows! Let’s make something up.


Ah! Turns out Malkin hates The Game’s new album (which is available from the handy iTunes link in his tweet) — and The Game’s fans have a zero-tolerance policy on hate. No, they won’t stand for it.

Bitch? Hoe? Damn, we just downloaded “Jesus Piece” and now the president’s calling on the Sandra Fluke hotline.



The video? You mean the video of Michelle Malkin delivering her racist rant against The Game on “FOXNEWS11?” Yeah, we’re kind of curious to see that too, but 1) we’re BOYCOTTING FOXNEWS11!!!!!! And 2) it doesn’t exist! Whatever. Take a stand, starting in January!

Are you all going to be sorry when the feminists on the Left read these misogynistic tweets! They don’t play.


Let’s see how The Game addresses some of the threats he’s incited. Will it be a condemnation or a retweet?





Oh, dear:


Stay classy, Gamers:





The vile attacks continued Friday morning with no condemnation from The Game.

Shockah: The Game also failed to address the misogynist threats he incited during an early morning interview with DJ Skee. He did, however, make time to pimp his crusade to #BoycottFoxNews11 due to Malkin’s “racism.”

The Game can #BoycottFoxNews11 all he wants, but if he wants to escape repulsive racist attacks, he’ll have to boycott his own Twitter mentions.

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