Mich. schools close as teachers protest right-to-work in Lansing, students thrilled

When the morning bell rings tomorrow, the desks at several Michigan schools will be empty. Schools are closing in anticipation of teachers calling in sick in order to protest the state legislature’s recent votes on right-to-work legislation:

Schools in Taylor and Warren face inadequate staffing and a short supply of substitute teachers and therefore will be unable to operate.

For students, the strike means a day off from school, and they couldn’t be happier:

Others not “fortunate” enough to live in Taylor or Warren are hoping that their schools follow suit:

Lovely. Essentially, striking teachers — adults — are throwing a colossal temper tantrum and teaching children that that sort of behavior is not only acceptable, but productive and desirable. Shameful. In aligning with union thugs and buying into Leftist lies about the right to work, these teachers are willfully hurting the students that they should be protecting.

Indeed. If this is the kind of education these teachers have to offer our students, we’re in big trouble.

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