Cruel: Ghouls swarm Jenni Rivera’s young son’s Twitter feed with false claims that she’s alive


Jenni Rivera’s youngest son (born 2001) took to Twitter in his grief last night. As Twitchy reported, his mother, Jenni Rivera, was in a plane crash. There are no reported survivors.

But, he didn’t just have to deal with the devastating loss of his mother; he is also dealing with ghouls who are swarming his Twitter feed and insisting that his mother did not die in the plane crash.

Cruel, indeed.

But the cruelty continues.

Next came either a sick fake screen shot or a ghoul hacked Rivera’s account.

Please stop. Our thoughts and prayers are with all of Ms. Rivera’s children. We also pray that her fans will stop taunting her children as they mourn and try to deal with the devastating loss of their beloved mother.

A love between a mother and son is a bond that can never be broken, even after death. Johnny tweeted these thoughts and photos recently.

And his mother, who loved him so much, tweeted these (have tissues handy):


Our thoughts and prayers continue to be with Ms. Rivera’s loved ones.

Update: The cruelty is not ending.

Gilbert Salas continues to prey on Ms. Rivera’s grief-stricken children.

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