Awkward: Ice-T calls out wife Coco on Twitter for getting too cozy with another rapper

“Ice Loves Coco” is currently in its third season and there’s nothing like a very public marital spat to get the ratings up. Yesterday pics surfaced of Coco getting a little too close for Ice-T’s comfort with rapper AP.9.

Coco assured fans there was nothing going on in the photos that show her canoodling with another guy. But Ice-T wasn’t about to let it slide. In a since deleted tweet, he wrote, “Coco’s in Vegas. She has given me her explanation of the pics on the net from her fist weeks out there with some dude.”

Ice deleted all but one of the tweets about an hour later. So much for needing to “say this on Twitter.”

But Coco was on hand to make things even more awkward by responding on Twitter.

Luckily, Twitter is full of armchair marriage counselors and private investigators.

We always thought those crazy kids would make it.


Why did Ice delete his tweets?

File under: Things To Consider Before Tweeting To 330,000 Followers.

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