Union goons storm Mich. Capitol, grub free food as lawmakers take up right-to-work bill; Updated

Michiganders fed up with being under Big Labor’s thumb are marching today on the Michigan capitol in favor of right-to-work legislation. If enacted, members of unions such as the UAW would no longer be forced to contribute dues:

[Terry] Bowman was forced to join the UAW when he began working for Ford in 1996. He had to pay the union dues or a steep agency fee as a condition of employment. Right-to-work, he says, would give workers the freedom to withhold their dues if they do not approve of how union officials spend the money.

“I’m very pro-union on the context of what unions were created to do: to bargain on behalf of their members in the context of the workplace,” he said. “But unions are forcing their members to pay for a political agenda that many of them don’t agree with.”

Unions are countering by asserting that right-to-work legislation would put an end to collective bargaining. That is not the case:

“It doesn’t ban unions or collective bargaining—that’s protected by federal law [the National Labor Relations Act],” he said. “It makes union officials answerable and accountable to the workforce.”

And that’s a cause worth uniting behind.

Americans for Prosperity Michigan is leading the charge:

And despite union thugs’ best efforts at intimidation, right-to-work advocates are holding the line:

Unions are reacting in typical fashion:

But of course.

These extras were evidently bused in for thug reinforcements. The capitol was put on lockdown after being stormed by union members:

Union skull-crackers notwithstanding, the Michigan legislature will take up the right-to-work bill today:

If the bill passes, Michigan would be come one of the largest right-to-work states in the country. And that’s more than AFL-CIO President Richard Trumka can handle:

Perhaps he should reserve his outrage for his criminal minions.

Good for them. Stand strong, Michigan.



The bill has passed in the Michigan State House and Senate.

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