Joan Walsh mocks Kate Middleton’s ‘morning sickness’; backpedals, then makes pope jokes

Salon’s Joan Walsh is letting her hateful bitterness show once again. As Twitchy reported, the Duke and Duchess of Cambridge are expecting a baby. This is cause for congratulations from sane people.

Kate Middleton is suffering from hyperemesis gravidarum, which can be very serious. Or, as Joan Walsh calls it “morning sickness.” Whatever! Ms. Walsh took this news as an opportunity to bash.

Twitter users swiftly let the willfully ignorant Walsh know a little something about this “morning sickness.”

Bingo. What about common decency, Ms. Walsh?

Stop scolding her! By scolding, she means pointing out her own actions.

She then doubles down on the fail by attempting to bash the pope.

Some of her best friends are popes, rubes!

Twitter calls her out on this, too.


Hey, Joan, is this what you call “scolding” of the pope? We call it vicious hate. But, then, you don’t really know the difference do you?


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  • EOD

    Joan Walsh mocks Kate Middleton’s ‘morning sickness’; backpedals, then makes pope jokes

    This is merely what Liberalism in the United States of America looks like for the whole World at large to see with their own eyes.

    • Brett McMicken

      i thought that, after that supposed video caused four deaths (which have gone down the memory hole), we were lectured by the democrat deity, aka, obama, about demeaning people’s faiths. oh, i forgot, some people are more equal than others.

  • Josephine (D)

    Just another CINO who mocks motherhood; BFD.

  • Derek Ball

    shes on MSNBC regularly so that explains most of her intellectual shortcomings!

    • TundraThunder

      Bingo! She must feel the tingle.

  • George Washington Mclintock

    Liberals love to defend their nasty,ignorant, and unwarranted attacks as rebellion. Instead of edgy, she comes off sounding like a resentful hag in need of a man.

    • Rabid

      I don’t think there is a guy out there THAT desperate, beides-she’d probably go on Twitter to complain that it wasn’t good enough.

  • Rella

    You might be a liberal if you think “Duchess Kate is rich ergo she doesn’t deserve to have a healthy, safe pregnancy – let’s mock her for a very serious medical condition.” Oh and doesn’t the Duchess live in the UK where they have a fabulous single payer health care. Is Walsh somehow implying that in the UK the Duchess because of her wealth has access to better care than is available in the Holy Grail of government run health care? Surely not!

    • Brett McMicken

      glad we are the ones waging a war on women!

  • rivers

    Ah, Saint Joan, upset that some people get more support than others. What have you done to change the world today Joan? Tweeted your indignation? Look at you, changing lives. My hero.

  • Vennoye

    Lefties live in a culture of hate…….they feed and thrive on it. Let them have it.

    • Rella

      a culture of hate and a culture of zero accountability. Walsh gets caught looking like an idiot for mocking “morning sickness” showing she had no clue that there is a very serious type of morning sickness that requires hospitalization. Instead of saying sorry she rants about “scolding” and then tries to change subject by attacking the Pope.

  • Joe W.

    What a vile, disgusting creature.

    • medicinewomantwo

      I feel you are being too kind…………she’s an embarrassment to the female gender and what makes our lives harder when dealing with people after they have read her trash.

  • Scott

    Uh, im a Baptist man and I know better than to mock anything to do with female illness of any kind and certainly not something as beautiful as carrying and giving birth to a child. As for poking fun at the pope…..God don’t like ugly and he can deal with her in his way better than any of us on Twitter.

  • DeadBuffalo Blog

    She says she is Catholic. Good. At least we know she’ll be going to hell.

  • Lisa Dean

    And here’s another fine example of the left’s #waronwomen only now it includes a member of the Royal Family in the UK. I’m sure that’s going over as well as the iPod present to the Queen she got from Obama. FYI @JoanWalsh – I’m quite sure that Kate doesn’t run to the hospital every time she has a hang nail or a bad hair day because the British tabloids would be writing about it every time it happened. Remember the crap they put her deceased MIL and William’s ex Aunt Fergie?

  • rivers

    Love the logic. Let me try: I think women are stupid but I’m not women-bashing because I’m a woman. Is that how you play, Joan?

  • Grumpa Grumpus

    This isn’t news, just a bitter dried-up haggis(sic) envious if what she doesn’t have.

    • WisconsinPatriot

      …..A penis?????

  • Michelle

    She doesn’t behave like any Catholic I know. Kate’s condition is serious, and women have miscarried because of it. The mother can become very ill with dehydration and undernourished (which lead to the miscarriage). They are hospitalized to get IV fluids and nutrients. Joan back peddles to say she was just pointing out that a royal was getting “more support” than others? Um no Joan, any woman going through that would receive medical attention and if need be hospitalization. Kate is a public figure, that’s why it’s in the news – and Joan equates that with getting “more support” What a bitter knucklehead. I know quite a few Catholics, none would mock this and neither would they mock the Pope having a Twitter account.

    • Rella

      since treatment is not a service provided by Planned Parenthood it must not be a real woman’s problem

      • Jillane Kent

        Had Kate Middleton chosen to use the UK equivalent of Planned Parenthood, Walsh would promptly die from acute euphoria.

      • ked5

        bingo. she’s gestating an embryo, not putting it in a vacuum jar.

  • $23089169

    Mocking women. Spewing hate. Yep, sounds like a liberal to me.

  • HARP2

    War on women Joan ???

    You pathetic excuse for a human being. I suppose your commie friends think you`re funny.

    Wait for the Karma baby.

  • cgraham77

    Wow, this woman is an ignorant moron. I, too, had hyperemesis, and had to be hospitalized. During my 1st trimester I lost 15 lbs and had to be put on IV fluids and IV anti-nausea meds. For the entire 40 weeks of the pregnancy, I was on medication that they give chemotherapy patients for nausea!…and I STILL vomited every single week of the pregnancy (even all throughout my labor). At least towards the end, I was only vomiting a couple times a week rather than every single day! (As I did for the entire bed-ridden first 7 months of the pregnancy…sometimes vomiting up to 15 times a day!!) It was the worst experience of my entire life, and it felt like I was dying, I was so sick. Not only that, but the health of myself and the baby were in jeopardy. Ignorant bitch.

  • mrt721

    “Not deferential to monarchy”, she said,
    around a mouthful of King Obama’s private parts.

  • Melody Warbington

    Looks like a War on Pregnant Women to me.

  • Everybodys All American

    Salon can’t be far behind but is it just me or does NBC just spawn new degenerates daily.

  • GTFOBigGovt

    The same hateful disingenuous nastiness that denies babies in the womb are babies as they all run for ultrasounds when THEY are pregnant.

  • orringtonmom (D)

    yup. rich women aren’t women and don’t have women issues. you remember women issues… they were popular during the election.

  • Margo Channing

    Hope they don’t put Kate on the Liverpool Care Path.

    • A. Aragon

      You aren’t kidding. You are referring to the article published on The Blaze? Made me sick to my stomach.

      • Rella

        Better prayer Kate’s baby isn’t born prematurely and put on the Pathway.

  • Tanker74

    Is her resentment caused by never having been impregnated herself or for killing an unborn child(ren)?

    • ked5

      the amont of vitriol would imply she’s guilty of killing one.

  • $129448

    Liberals suck

  • A. Aragon

    Hyperemesis gravidarum is a very serious pregnancy illness and nothing to laugh about. It is not “morning sickness.” As a woman, I would expect her to know that and even if Kate had simple “morning sickness” to have some basic human compassion.

    I had HE with both my pregnancies for the first 24 weeks and can attest that it is no laughing matter. I lost 20 pounds in pregancy at a time when I should have gained 10 (24 weeks). My daughter has had HE with both of her pregnancies, landing in the hospital several times with each one, and in her current pregancy is now being closely monitoried by a cardiologist. Ms. Walsh just needs to shut up now.

  • Laurel

    I will take morning sickness over Joan Walsh’s verbal diarrhea any day.

  • bicentennialguy

    Joan’s just upset that Kate’s not aborting her child.

    • OHNESA

      Really Joan is upset that someone is actually having intimate relations something she can only dream of.

  • conservativechick

    Salon in just an online gossip rag. Nothing else.

  • irishgirl91

    20+ yrs ago,my husband was at Desert Storm and I was alone and pregnant with 1st baby. I had severe morning (all day) sickness and the military hosp. told me to drink fluids rest and come in only if I pass out(?). I didn’t have what Kate has but it was bad. Fast forward 5 mos. we move to a southwest base and my daughter is sick, I take her to a civilian hospital and there is a 16y.o pregnant, illegal girl being admitted for what Kate has. My question for Ms. Walsh would be, what special treatment does she think Kate is getting? The poor receive treatment here if she is implying they don’t she is wrong.

  • BeeKaaay

    Oh, and she’s a wolf in sheep’s clothing, so yeah we can accuse her of catholic bashing.

  • Gallatin

    “Oooh, Twitter is for scolding! I was not mocking morning sickness,
    either. Just the thought that some get more support than others.”

    This is the tweet that I find the most interesting. Joan Walsh is pointing out the fact that under the nationalized British Healthcare system there are individuals that get preferential treatment, get to the front of the line, get the best care or are “outside the system”. I’m sure that Ms. Walsh is a supporter of obowmao care. Ms. Walsh you do understand that certain individuals under obowmao care will get preferential treatment, and you are not one of those individuals?

    With the above being said I hope Kate Middleton is doing well and my thoughts and prayers are with her and her child.

    • GTFOBigGovt

      I’m absolutely certain that Joan Walsh will give up her existing private insurance and opt for a government exchange version when Obamacare kicks in. /sarc

  • CombatDiver

    The difference between Mr. Joan Walsh and Kate Middleton is, somebody actually wanted to knock up Kate.

  • TocksNedlog

    “I apologize for mocking morning sickness”
    “I was not mocking morning sickness”
    Bi-polar much, Joan?

  • Brett McMicken

    unfollow her? why would anyone follow her in the first place?

  • ked5

    One forum I’m on suggested Kate throw up on the media. (it might make them back-off.)

  • ozconservative

    In Joans perfect libtard world, Kate would have met Will at a nightclub and gone home with him for a one night stand. She then would have shacked up with him, fallen pregnant, then had an abortion because it was her “choice”. The fact that she has a more traditional view of childbirth and marriage drives liberals crazy.

  • philomena

    Of course you know all about morning sickness, Joan. You and your colleagues induce it in epidemic proportions whenever you appear on that network, M(orning) S(ickness) NBC.

  • drbobhoffman

    Now if Joe Walsh made some comments I might care

  • Ed

    Joan is as Catholic as the Grand Ayatollah