Impressive: Volunteers erect watchtowers to look out for sexual assaults in Tahrir Square

As Twitchy has reported, women protesting Mohamed Morsi and the Muslim Brotherhood face threats of sexual assault and rape. The police forces can’t be counted on to protect the women, so citizens have taken it upon themselves to combat sexual violence. In addition to using social media to offer support, volunteers are now constructing watchtowers in Tahrir Square to keep an eye out for potential assaults.

Tahrir Square sexual harassment watchtower

Tahrir Square sexual harassment watchtower

Tahrir Square sexual harassment

Tahrir Square sexual harassment watchtower

Tahrir Square sexual harassment watchtower

Twitterers are quite impressed, and rightly so:

Awesome. Egyptian citizens’ efforts to fight back against sexual assault are certainly commendable. Let’s hope these towers indeed help to keep them safe.

  • walterc

    Why didn’t the OWS crowd think of this? Could have save themselves a bunch of rapes.

    • GaryTheBrave

      I was thinking the same thing. OWS could only put up a tent. Big _____ whoop.

  • Seewetoldu

    Ya, and why didn’t Obama build a better Embassy in Libya might have prevented some Americans who were killed by the same people. As all informed Americans know were dealing with some seriously bad people.

  • cgraham77

    Is it really “impressive” that they need to build a tower to keep an eye out for hordes of gang rapes occurring in the area? Just saying.

    • Adam Seidner

      I think its more that the citizenry are taking it upon themselves to solve a problem that the police won’t.

      • cgraham77

        Yes, I understand that, just making a point about the larger picture. That’s all.

    • dwsmokin

      A prime example of the people having to do what their government will not. Yet we-the USA-apparently support that government.Amazing.

  • Richard Carpenter

    Funny how these people proclaim God, Allah and all thats right and at the same time molest, rape and kill people. The actions are so far from God they might as well worship Allah-the-Rock. They will still be 500 years behind the times 500 years from now!

  • SATURNspike

    Religious accountability doesn’t include “RAPE”? WTF? Tower of Babel?