Sen. Collins troubled by Rice for Secretary of State, but makes room for Kerry

Wait, what? Senator Collins met with Ambassador Rice today. As Twitchy reported, Sens. Graham, McCain and Ayotte met with Rice yesterday and said they had even “greater concerns” than prior to the meeting.┬áCollins echoes their troubled and “disturbed” sentiments. Andrea Mitchell seems oh-so-shocked that questions are being raised.

Totally racist. And sexist and stuff. Collins isn’t prepared to vote to confirm the incompetent Rice for Secretary of State.

Pesky details!

But, wait! Look who Collins has no qualms about.

She joins Sen. Barrasso.

An excellent appointment?

And, hmm.

  • Booker

    Something tells me that Kerry wants this job and has gotten his Senate buddies to move with him. However, since Obama maybe having a change of mind, he is dropping these little nuggets to see if he (Kerry) can sway the attention back to him.

  • kate_middleton

    I dislike Kerry, but he’d be miles better than Rice as Sec State.
    No question he’d be confirmed in the Senate.

    • Katielee4211

      Neither is acceptable. Have you researched Kerry? Questionable at best.

      • kate_middleton

        Did you think Hillary was acceptable? I said I don’t like Kerry. But Rice is incompetent.
        As we all know, elections have consequences. So Obama gets to nominate whoever he likes, unfortunately. It’s pretty uncommon for a secretary nomination to not be affirmed. There’s no question that Kerry would be approved if nominated in the Senate.

        • Katielee4211

          No, as a matter of fact, I didn’t find Hillary acceptable. Initially I thought she was a good choice, but certainly the last 4 years have shown a very bright light on her and Bill. There is no possible way I would support her in 2016, if we even have a choice by then.
          But you’re right, Kerry will sale through more easily than Rice, but he won’t be the follower Rice is. Although he possibly walks lockstep in philosophy thereby making it a non-issue.

          • kate_middleton

            Yeah, that’s how I feel too. I hope he chooses Kerry over Rice just because I think Kerry is more competent (although I disagree with him on most everything)…and like you said, I don’t think he will be as much of a follower/subservient as Rice has clearly been.
            I fear at this point that Obama will nominate Rice just so he won’t be seen as backing down to GOP. Ugh.

  • Teresa Davis McCormick

    I think this is the way the Obama administration is telling Rice she’s no longer needed now that they’ve used her up. They don’t want her hanging around too long, she might crack and actually start telling the truth.

  • Jack Deth

    Obama has a creepy talent for putting the absolute WORST people in cabinet positions.

    Putting Panetta in as Director of of CIA was disastrous, Putting him in as SecDef is far, far worse. Double or triple that with Kerry in that slot!

    Hillary as SecState was a political payoff and catastrophe of the highest order. That has destroyed the status of the US around the world. Though much more in the Middle East and Africa than anywhere else.

    Putting Susan Rice in Hillary’s slot would be a thumb in the eyes of Republicans. Though I think Ms. Rice is going to fade into the woodwork after the Benghazi fiasco blows up in Obama’s face.

  • Teritd

    I’d rather see Kerry as SOS and NOT DoD.

  • walterc

    Since cabinet appointments need to be confirmed by the Senate, I don’t think Senators should be eligible until one six year term has occurred AFTER they left office. Otherwise it’s just musical chairs in D.C.

  • Finrod Felagund

    Let Obama make Kerry Secretary of State. Then Scott Brown can run for and win Kerry’s vacated Senate seat.