Twitter suspends account of group combating sexual assault in Egyptian protests

As Twitchy reported earlier today, Egyptians are taking steps to address the misogynistic violence in Tahrir Square and are spreading the word via social media. A group of women created a special Twitter account, @TahrirBodyguard, to help combat sexual attacks on female protesters.

The account has now been inexplicably, repeatedly suspended by Twitter, placing the lives of Egyptian women at risk.

The group has set up a back-up account, @TahrirBGBackUp:

Since Twitter keeps suspending @TahrirBodyguard for now reason, this is our back-up account. We won’t give up on protecting women in #Tahrir & its surroundings!

  • Wallace Garrod III

    Twitter is nothing than women-hating LIBS…….

  • Liz

    Lots of Twitter accounts are suspended every day and, if it was in error, it is corrected. It happens when a lot of people block the account or mark it as one that sends out spam. The division of Twitter that roots out spammers is one of the largest in the company because spam has been a persistent problem on the platform since about 2009.

    Bu it’s wise to bring this to the attention of Twitter by filing a Support Request so this decision can be reversed. I don’t think there is anything sinister to it unless there are groups within Eqypt who are objecting to this group’s work/words and have marked it as a spam account. This is not unheard of for outspoken accounts (of all stripes). Anyone who posts strongly worded messages that can anger people might suffer this backlash whether they are Right, Left, Libertarian, Atheist, Sexist, Radical, whatever. The price of speaking your mind is that you can sometimes p!ss people off.

    • Zanshi

      I was suspended for FAR less than what sick things the “Kill George Zimmerman” account tweeted!

    • Zanshi

      I was suspended for FAR less than what sick things the “Kill George Zimmerman” account tweeted!

  • Grumpa Grumpus

    Maximize chaos.


    Folks, follow BOTH accts so, we can help the fight vs Sharia @TahrirBodyguard @TahrirBGBackUp