Conservatives summarize #2012inoneword

Conservative activist Tabitha Hale asked her followers to sum this year up in a single word, and they kindly answered the call:


Yes. But this past year has also been an eye-opening one. Let’s learn from our mistakes and reload. Here’s to 2013.

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  • Tonya Price

    FRAUD- as in voter fraud, which is why Obama “won.” When you can vote using nothing but a utility bill for ID…and the Dems were bussing in non-citizens to the early voting centers with utility bills in hand, telling them how to vote. Believe it. It happened here in Ohio and probably every other place that didn’t REQUIRE a photo ID to vote.

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  • Fire and Adjust!


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    (ok, it’s two words.)

  • MacsenMcBain

    (Savor the irony)

  • Lisa Dean

    #2012inoneword ~ Sanctimonious

  • cheongyei

    One word simply cannot tell the sad tale.

  • michael s

    Projection. That’s what all of you bitter clinger conservatives are doing. Claiming voter fraud where there wasn’t any. Although Republicans Jim Greer and Charlie Crust did admit to attempted voter suppression.

    • cheongyei

      I’d rather be a bitter Libertarian than a bitter, hateful, spiteful marxist.

    • Lisa Dean

      So, no bitter clinger liberals never blamed Bush for anything right.

    • Penmar

      Greer, however, is under investigation — and has been indicted — for
      stealing $200,000 from the party through a false campaign fundraiser.
      He, in turn, is suing the GOP, saying they knew what was going on and
      didn’t care.
      Basically, Greer’s testimony can be taken in two ways with that in
      mind; you can say that he’s probably lying to make them look bad, or you
      can say that he’s coming forward with this now out of a sense of
      vindictiveness or because he has nothing to lose.
      On the other hand, we have video, self incriminating video!
      One day after Rep. Jim Moran, a Virginia Democrat,
      asked Attorney General Eric Holder to investigate voter-registration
      fraud involving a company linked to Republicans — the congressman’s own
      son has been caught in a vote-fraud related scandal.

  • LordLieutenant

    Raaaaaciiiist *points like Donald Sutherland the end of Invasion Of The Body Snatchers*

  • Jack Deth

    #2012inoneword: Dhimmitude.

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  • Bernie Northam

    One word? Clusterfuck

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