Girl-beater Chris Brown launches vulgar Twitter tirade against female comedian

Put on your shocked faces. R&B singer Chris Brown — notorious for assaulting on-again, off-again, on-again girlfriend Rihanna — got himself in another fight with a woman. This time, it’s a Twitter spat with comedienne Jenny Johnson, a long-time critic who dared to mock the misogynist celebrity.

It started earlier today with this:

And it went on and on and on with a hail of Brown’s profanity-laced tweets:

Who’s surprised? No one:

In case you were wondering, Chris Brown’s mom and formerly battered, on-again girlfriend Rihanna were together the other night enjoying their favorite, profanity-spewing boy’s concert:

War on Women enablers. Sigh.


Update: Chris Brown is STILL going on.

What a gloating pig:

Update:  Rihanna is now beating (figuratively) on Johnson.

Update: Brown’s Twitter account has been deactivated.

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