Hackers hijack Israeli Deputy PM’s Twitter and Facebook pages; Update: Pages restored

Hackers have taken over the Twitter account of  Deputy Israeli Prime Minister Silvan Shalom, using the account to tweet out emphatic and sometimes obscene messages about the action in Gaza. Various rumors are circulating about whether the hacker group Anonymous is involved, but nothing has been confirmed.

His Facebook account was also hacked. (Update, 8:23 pm ET: It is now back to normal.)

Update: Russia Today is reporting that the hacker group Anonymous is responsible:

But this appears to be incorrect. A different group of hackers,  Z Company Hacking Crew, is claiming responsibility. Someone has changed the background image on Shalom’s Twitter page to the following:

Someone is leaving comments at the Russia Today article (linked above) insisting that Z Company Hacking Crew deserves credit.

Regardless of who is responsible, some Twitter users are delighted:

* * *

As of 8:27 pm ET, the hackers still have control of Shalom’s account:


Hackers also managed to break into Shalom’s YouTube account and post a video highlighting their recent exploits.

Update: Shortly after 9 a.m. ET Wednesday, the hackers’ tweets and background image were deleted from Shalom’s Twitter account. The obscene banner image is still on Shalom’s account as of 9:40 a.m.


The hacked banner image has been removed. Shalom has not tweeted about the hacking.

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