#Helpinghand: FTR Radio, Smart Girl Politics team up for Hurricane Sandy relief effort

Tonight, FTR Radio and Smart Girl Politics are teaming up to aid those affected by Hurricane Sandy. As Twitchy has reported, the storm was devastating and people in the affected areas are still suffering, even if President Obama and the media lapdogs would have you believe otherwise.

More from FTR’s press release:

The radiothon will be broadcast live from 7 p.m. to 11 p.m. Eastern time on FTRRadio.com. Guests will include nationally known political pundits, FTR Radio personalities and officials from Smart Girl Politics.

“In the time it takes to play a round of golf, we hope to raise a significant amount of money for people who have been let down by their elected officials,” said LaDuke. “These people are in desperate need and we are happy to offer a helping hand while we continue to raise national awareness to their situation.”

Money raised from “Operation Helping Hand” will go directly to the United Way.

“Many of our New York and New Jersey leadership and members were without power for over a week and some are still waiting in the dark,” said Mott. “We hope that our efforts can bring attention back to the growing needs so many in these states are faced with today.”

Happy warriors on Twitter help spread the word and raise awareness: Grassroots aid in action!

FTR’s amazing Fingers Malloy expresses his thanks.

Keep it up? Done! This time, with hashtag. You can follow #HelpingHand to get more information and to follow along with the radiothon tonight.


Please join the truly great folks at FTR and Smart Girl Politics tonight, as they seek to aid those who remain desperately in need. If you can’t listen (but, boy, you’ll be missing out), there is another option.

Note: The United Way isn’t charging administration fees, ensuring all donations will go to the people who need them.

Keep spreading the word, Twitter! And tune in at 7 p.m. ET tonight (or earlier! FTR has a great line-up, always).


After a great night of radio, FTR raised over $3,500 to help people impacted by Hurricane Sandy.

And the giving continues:


  • dwsmokin

    Glad to see people getting involved and generous. Have to wonder though where FEMA is in all this. Are they doing better than with Katrina? And if not, where’s the outrage? You’d think if they were doing a bang up job, they’d be all over the news, yet not a peep about them in weeks. Of course, still reading daily about folks with no power, food, etc, after two weeks. Guess if they were in New Orleans it would be more of a story.