Myth of ‘141% turnout’ in St. Lucie County, Fla., persists

Twitchy debunked this bogus rumor on Saturday, but the myth won’t die:

There are literally hundreds more. And that’s just on Twitter. The rumor is also being spread on Facebook, blogs, and Internet message boards.

Voter turnout in St. Lucie County, Fla., was not 141 percent. The confusion arose because uninformed people mistakenly conflated the number of “cards cast” (the number of ballot pages submitted by voters) with the number of voters. Since most voters submitted two ballot pages, voter turnout in  in St. Lucie County was roughly half the number of cards cast. Thus, turnout was roughly 70-71 percent, not 141 percent.

We are glad people are concerned about the integrity of our electoral system, but we hope conservatives will stop spreading misinformation about what happened in St. Lucie County.

  • $111704

    So, I can sleep safe at night knowing the Kenyan won fair and square/

    • Maria

      Not according to Philly and Cleveland.

    • $21367552

      LOL, yeah the Kenyan won fair and square against the Mexican, just like he did in 2008 against the Panamanian!

      • Armando

        When you get on a race against a Kenyan, your odds aren’t that great

        • Smitty 

          Ok, i dont care who you are. That right there is funny.

  • Stanley Ward

    What are the true #s then ?

  • Mike Rogers

    I’d be much more interested in those 100% precincts in Philly and Cleveland.
    St Lucie might just have cheated Allen West, but 70% turnout is just heavy, not incredible.

    • PatThe Rat

      70%? Try 140%. 175,000 registered voters who cast 245,000 votes. They can come up with all the explanations they want, but the truth is they stole the election.

      • Mike Rogers

        Looking to see proof that 245000 cards cast was actually 245000 voters. If not, there are other, more probable examples to pursue.
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  • Lisa Graas

    Thank you, Twitchy!

  • Teritd

    Then they should report things simply and not confuse people.

    • Chrissy the Hyphenated

      This is the same district run by Gertrude Walker, the woman Allen West says is either incompetent or corrupt. And as irregularities continue in his recount, he’s leaning toward corrupt. So here’s a wild idea … maybe they set up the columns deliberately to confuse us, so we’d all do what we did, which is go ballistic, so they could then oh-so-patiently pat us on our stupid little tin-foily heads and explain in words of one syllable why we were dumber than dirt to think the election was rigged. And THEN anybody who continues to want real answers to real election fraud questions could be thrown into that convenient “birthers and clingers” barrel with all the other wingnuts nobody needs to listen to.

    • PatThe Rat

      Democrats got caught with their hand in the cookie jar. Is that simple enough for you?

  • Chrissy the Hyphenated

    It’s not as simple as “we’re too dumb to know they had two cards.” The first page of the report shows statistics labeled TURNOUT. Under that are columns for number of Registered Voters, Number of Cards Cast, and Percent of Turnout. The REPORT shows 141% TURNOUT.

    • justlisa


  • my preciousss!!

    Zombies sighted in St. Lucie on election day as well. hmmm…must be a connection

    • PatThe Rat

      Zombies voting make more sense than them trying to say everybody in the county happened to vote twice. Either the people of St. Lucie are the biggest idiots on earth, or the Democrats got caught with their hand in the cookie jar!

  • Armando

    Math is hard, and here you are not asking for additions or substractions, but for… a division by 2!

    • PatThe Rat

      Suuuuuuure. People vote twice ALL THE TIME! Why is that so hard for Republicans to understand. Why, Democrats have been doing that FOR YEARS!

  • PatThe Rat

    Yeah, and we can trust them DemocRats that say that! And we should trust them when they say there’s not ONE single Romney voter in all those precincts of Philly and Cleveland. Yeah, those DemocRats would never lie to us!

  • PatThe Rat
  • Tootie MCGee

    My mom’s friend’s (who’s husband had his work hours cut after re-election) sister went to vote in Florida and found that someone had already voted for her. My mom’s on the verge of a breakdown over all this. My dad was laid off on Friday. I’ve never seen her like this. I don’t use “hate” much, but I hate that man.

    • Vickie DHaene

      If you fall to hate, they win. Evil only has to change your mind from love to hate to win.
      Pray for thine enemies that they will seek the light of truth.

  • Vickie DHaene

    I had a woman in front of me try to vote again. Clerk told her she already voted on the second attempt.

  • Christopher Levy

    Twitchy: When you don’t know what you are talking about, you shouldn’t.

  • Christopher Levy

    Twitchy: When you don’t know what you are talking about, you shouldn’t.

  • $23629333

    Here’s the $64,000.00 question: why do so many people WANT to believe the “myth” of voter fraud in Florida?

    Many Americans have reached the point where they simply – and totally – do not trust the government generally, or the people employed within it. They’re washing their hands of the various institutions in the country.

    Once you’ve reached the point that election results cannot or will not be trusted, you have a government without any legitimacy. The laws of such a government will not be obeyed – to the extent that people can ignore them safely – and the taxes will not be paid – to the extent that people can avoid them and stay out of prison.

    It’ll be interesting to see whether a government drowning in red ink and issuing useless currency can maintain a criminal justice system – including the police, the courts and the prisons – capable of effectively coping with the twin problem of increasing lawlessness and decreasing tax revenue.

  • Streetiebird

    “…we hope conservatives will stop spreading misinformation about what happened…” This could not be further from the truth, Twitchy LOVES misinformation, it’s their pride and joy. Twitchy, where the news is fake, but the hate is real.

    • vino veritas

      If you could make yourself look any dumber I think the heavens would split open and God Himself would reach down and give you smack in the head out of utter frustration. Only a liberal could be so dumb as to COMPLETELY miss the ENTIRE point of this article.

      • Streetiebird

        No, I got it. Twitchy doesn’t want Republicans spreading these lies, they want other lies spread instead, like that Hillary is only in Australia for a wine tasting. LOL

  • justlisa

    It’s very easy to see how/why this would be misunderstood.

    The brilliant bureaucracy created a “Summary of Votes Cast” with columns for registered voters, cards cast and % turnout.

    Brilliant, no?