Josh Marshall: White Republicans are a bunch of racists

Are you a Republican? Are you white? If so, you are “motivated by hostility to minorities,” according to Josh Marshall.

Marshall, founder of Talking Points Memo, elaborates:

It is true that not a few Hispanic voters support reasonable limits on immigration, oppose affirmative action, and even dissent from the multicultural orthodoxy on bilingual education. But the electoral punch of these GOP wedge issues is not really rooted in disagreements about the economic utility of open immigration or the relative efficacy of bilingual education. It’s driven by voters who resent the increasing prominence of Hispanics in American public life.

Got that? If you are a white Republican who supports reasonable limits on immigration, opposes affirmative action, and has concerns about bilingual education you take those positions not in good faith but because you “resent the increasing prominence of Hispanics in American public life.”

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