Know an undecided voter? Michael Moore wants his number

A whiny, pleading phone call from Michael Moore? Wow. The Left really has reached new levels of desperation.

  • AttackOfTheKillerTomatos

    I wouldn’t do that, not even to my worst enemy.

  • Im_Rick_James

    His number is 1-800-F$CK-YOU

  • JC

    Moore has a phone? Isn’t that a capitalist product that someone made for profit?

    • Paul

      it’s an Obama phone

  • o0Nighthawk0o

    I would love for this fat bastard, no offence to Austin Powers, to call or text me. I don’t think he would enjoy it much though.

  • omgelephants

    If Michael Moore called my phone, I would burn it with $4 a gallon gasoline!

  • TheREALhamish

    There’s gonna be a high-pitched whine and then that sucker’s gonna explode like a phaser set on overload. Brilliant move, tubby.

  • Alicia Hake

    i’m tempted to text him and tell him I’m undecided… just so i can possibly tell him exactly what I think of him :)

    • Romneyslide

      I’m doing that right now.

      • Alicia Hake

        you need to let me know if it’s really him that calls, and what was said!!!!

    • Romneyslide

      I’m doing that right now.

  • Rick Stones

    837-53 Oh-ni-ee-i-een

    • CoastalMaineBird

      Jenny? You’ve changed your number!

    • Guest

      LOL…it’s 867-53 Oh-ni-ee-i-een…and I only know that because the ‘867’ used to be the prefix in my city, and the poor guy with that number was inundated with calls when the song came out!

  • bruce mercer

    is it an obama phone?

  • Jim Wafwot

    Heh… Maybe Moore’s number needs to go on craigslist adult forums. LOL

    • WingedBishop

      Under “m4t”

  • Steve_J

    I saw a number on the back of a car that Moore could call 1-800-EAT-****.

  • Paul J. Citro

    Moore could call 1-800-soup kitchen

  • Paul J. Citro

    Moore could call 1-800-soup kitchen

  • Sarah Lise

    I sent him the number to the NYC rejection line. 😀

  • LordLieutenant

    Ohhh Me. *waves hand* meeeee Mr. Moore. I’m not going to vote in this election. I’m not only hoping for change, but I want more… I demand hopychange… Please ring me Michael…

    I’m looking forward to you explaining how tax and T-bills can create growth.. In your charming American accent…

  • Gallatin

    Michael won’t call anyone it would mean that he would have to step away from the buffet.

  • mickeyco

    Boy, that’s just what I’ve been waiting for!