Obama passes Fla. event to Clinton, heads to WH for more #Sandy ‘monitoring’; Citizens not impressed; Update: Cancels tomorrow’s events

As Twitchy reported yesterday, President Obama was to head back to the White House after a campaign rally in Orlando today. To “monitor” or something.  Now, he’s skipping the Orlando event to begin his “monitoring” sooner.


No worries! The campaign rally itself isn’t canceled. He’s gonna let Bill Clinton finish.


Twitter users aren’t impressed with the optics attempt.




Hey, what about Benghazi? Guess that wasn’t important enough to “monitor,” right?






Want to see real leadership and caring? Check out the actions of the Romney campaign.



  • scubaski00

    In other words he’s in the White House bunker curled up in the fetal position!!

    • bonnieblue2A

      More likely curled up next to the White House basement micro-brewery drinking up his private reserve as he toasts Sandy for the opportunity to play the POTUS to the rescue (via FEMA & mucho tax dollars) in her wake.

  • https://twitter.com/TerryOfromCA @TerryOfromCA

    great tweets

  • Steve_J

    Is he going to attempt to turn the storm aside? Like Castro did in Cuber a few years ago.

  • lisarg39

    Too bad you cant cant ask Amb Stevens, Ty Woods, Smith & Doherty what happens with the President monitors. People die.

  • W Randall

    The sad part is that he actually was in Orlando till this morning, which means despite extensive information relaying the massive size of the Storm and potential devastation, he still was planning on attending the “Rally”

  • Cynthia Flanagan

    Hopefully he is packing to leave for Hawaii for Jan21st,2013 will never be missed that is for sure.Let him send his money to Mosques instead of ours as he has done.

  • Cynthia Flanagan

    Like Bill Clinton will be believed? Never told the truth abt Monica, so nothing has changed…only the “blue dress” is clean.

  • Karla1953

    He flew into Orlando here last night around 8/delivered some pizzas to his campaign people……………spent the night in a hotel and then took off about an hour ago……….Clinton was always going to appear so he did not need to even show up…..Waste of time and money…….ours I might add

    • http://www.facebook.com/profile.php?id=1538376219 Stacey Holmdahl

      Well, he wanted to be sure people saw that he “canceled,” his appearance in order to “monitor,” the storm. It wouldn’t be as cool if he’d just stayed at the WH.

    • AmandaJeff Day

      As the “Domino’s” continue to fall for him. Getting in all the joyrides he can on Air Force One before it’s over in January.

    • http://twitter.com/CatherineBarre4 Catherine Barrett

      I’m just glad to have his lying a$$ out of the state … Florida is Romney country!

  • Scott

    SEE WHA HA HAPPEN WUZ; Valerie said ” barry, you got to do something that looks like you doing something cuz that woman hating, pro lifeing, race baiting, other dude ain’t thinking with his VAGINA like us normal people. So you just get on back up here to the house so we can watch it on tv and figure out who to BLAME for this mess. I think we got some old videos of that DUBYA fella after that Katrina thing, we can use it and pin it on him like we did that silly moozlim thing the other day after your ALKIDA friends hit that embassy thing. I dont care if them people in Florida dont like SLICK WILLY, we will just throw him under the ROMNEY bus like we did his wife. If we can get it to sit still for a minute, they keep using it to help our base voters out during all this stuff with the storm and whatnot……….

  • stuckinIL4now

    I read somewhere that he skipped out on Orlando early in order to get back to DC before the weather got so bad that he couldn’t go back today. He also cancelled his Green Bay appearance tomorrow–guess he can’t take off and fly in all that wind. So now he’s got two days to “putter” around the WH and pretend that he’s hunkered down like the rest of the peasants who have little choice but to hunker down and wait it out. Can’t wait to see the photo ops on this.

    • http://twitter.com/mandita74 GreenEyedGal

      @stuckinIL4now:disqus bet those photos wont involve presidential jackets over golf shirts… It’s very difficult to play golf in a hurricane.

  • ChicksLoveRight

    I hope that ‘it’s baked in the cake’ – 8 days out and people who woke up after first debate will keep their eyes open and mind clear! {Forward! the WH mails to Chicago}

  • http://twitter.com/Stimulus4U Marty Luther

    Due to deteriorating attack in Benghazi Obama will fly to Las Vegas. (You can’t make this stuff up).

  • http://twitter.com/Stimulus4U Marty Luther

    Maybe Obama should fly to Vegas and handle the hurricane from there. #Benghazi

  • dha

    Hopefully he’s preparing for his big move to Hawaii. Since when did an emergency cause him to cancel a campaign? I guess once people die it will be time to head back to the talk show circuit.

  • http://twitter.com/DaffodilTimes The Daffodil Times

    You morons are never satisfied. If he hadn’t shown LEADERSHIP and gone back to the East Coast to monitor relief efforts, you’d say he doesn’t care about those affected by the hurricane.

    • RightThinking1

      You seem to gloss over the fact that O set himself up for such scrutiny by bailing on the Consulate in Benghazi for Las Vegas. Your indignation rings hollow…, tossing labels isn’t very effective either.

      • http://twitter.com/DaffodilTimes The Daffodil Times

        How in the hell is that relevant to a hurricane?

        • RightThinking1

          Okay. I will connect the dots. As the Benghazi debacle was unfolding, the Prez buzzed off to Las Vegas to campaign. Uh, oh. Very un-Presidential behavior, justifiably followed by bad press.

          Now, with the hurricane looming, O struggles to appear ‘Presidential’ by returning from Florida (overnight visit!) and offering photo ops in the situation room. The comparison is apparent, I should think. The great irony is that it matters not whether O is in Washington or not during the hurricane.

          One can not see the laughable, set-up photos of O gazing at weather monitors without recognizing that the guy is attempting to portray himself as ‘engaged’, which is to say, 180 degrees from the Benghazi affair…, well, unless you recognize that his administration allowed the Benghazi situation to occur in the first place.

          You may not have noticed that the topic of this article is O, not the hurricane. It is my opinion that the President is engaging in a cynical, transparent attempt to appear ‘engaged’. Tell me, have you ever witnessed any photos of a President in a weather center?

          • http://twitter.com/DaffodilTimes The Daffodil Times

            Still no connection. You sir, are a moron

          • http://twitter.com/mandita74 GreenEyedGal

            Hey, Daft-y… just because you’re too obtuse (sincere apologies to the obtuse community) to admit the connection doesn’t mean it doesn’t exist.

            You’re too daft to understand. Photos of him in the situation room during the Benghazi incident where he actually could have done some good, like giving the order to fire, saving American lives, would have been great optics for him. Sitting in the situation room while a storm that cannot be controlled lashes the east coast doesn’t do anything for his image.

            He has rushed to tell us he knew nothing about the attacks. We’re supposed to believe he’s not in communication with the State Department, the Joint Chiefs of Staff, the CIA, and so on. And yet, you’ll swallow this bit of propaganda about Obama being on hand so he can chat with FEMA and NOAA.

            Silly progie…

          • http://www.facebook.com/profile.php?id=500788697 Laura Palmer Holbrook

            Daffy – yoo hoo darling, put down your Obama Phone and pay attention. I swear they should not allow Obama phones to have text, internet or twitter capabilities. Flip phones only for the idiots. It is a shameless Photo OP that he is trying to capitalize on 8 days before an election where we plan to boot his butt to Hawaii. I would have liked to have seen him this concerned and compassionate about the murders of American citizens and heroes. We pray and ask God (NOT your proclaimed God Obama) to protect the people who are being affected by the storm. May God keep you safe and Godspeed.

        • Michael Rice

          Because a terrorist attack that he could order a military response to was nto important enough for him to skip Vegas. On the toher hand, a hurricane that can’t have anything doen, until it is over, was seemingly the most important thing in the world to him

    • Guest

      Nobody needs him to “lead” in a hurricane. We needed leadership when we were attacked by terrorist on the anniversary of 9/11. He showed who he really cares about during that tragedy didn’t he?

      • http://twitter.com/DaffodilTimes The Daffodil Times

        Have you lost your mind? What is he supposed to do while people’s homes are being destroyed then, sit on his hands? You are a complete fool. And if you want to know why Benghazi happened, look no further than the Republicans who blocked security funding for the embassy. THEY wanted the attack to happen, not the President. You conservatives are crazy and stupid

        • http://twitter.com/mandita74 GreenEyedGal

          Hey, Daft-y, will Obama go out into the storm, raise his arms and shout, “Peace! Be still!” and the waters will turn from destroying peoples homes? How very messiah like. There’s nothing he can do from his pretend leadership post in DC.

        • Michael Rice

          And what exactly is he going to do while in DC. Watch the Weather Channel? WHy did he even got o FLorida?
          How about the American lives that were lost in Libya while he was in Vegas?

          • http://twitter.com/DaffodilTimes The Daffodil Times

            They.Are.Dead. Failing to coordinate the hurricane relief effort won’t change that.

        • Michael Rice

          Yep, that’s it…all on the Republicans. Was it Republicans who told the CIA to stay put? Was it the Republicans who denied assistance? Was it teh Republicans who denied reports of rpevious attacks? Was it Republicans who blamed this on a video? O has beenin charge for four years….all this crap falls on him…

          • lainer51

            Do you have spell check on that antiquated computer?

        • bonnieblue2A


          Ambassador Stevens wasn’t at the Embassy when he was attacked. He was at the Consulate (read CIA safe house).
          He was busy chasing the large arms (weapons) that Obama and his administration allowed to disappear when they aided Al-Qaeda in Libya in order to take out Muamar al-Gadaffi. Please, try to keep up with the FACTS! Last I checked Obama went into Libya without Congressional approval; but rather, sought his permission from the UN.


        • http://twitter.com/AUBraves AUBraves

          Well, to me it sounds like he is going to “monitor” the hurricane. That doesn’t sound very pro-active to me.

          O seems to have had:
          1. Funding for Six Marines at the embassy in Paris but not for the Benghazi embassy.
          2. Funding for Drones to fly over the Benghazi embassy
          3. Funds for an investigation of what happened in Benghazi (even if it’s apparent)
          4. Funds for CIA to investigate a film maker (Why?)
          5. Access to our military to respond and assist the embassy personnel (no additional funding required)

          Funds were not the issue.

          • Pete Futz

            You missed one. Funds for airing TV commercial to apologize for the film clip.

    • Takiwa

      No Daffy you’re the moron, most are DONE with this clown. Get it?

      • http://twitter.com/DaffodilTimes The Daffodil Times

        Show some respect, you don’t have to like him, but he is your President. And yet you can’t figure out why other countries want to nuke us

        • http://twitter.com/AUBraves AUBraves

          We respect him every bit as much as he respects the people he works for… the citizens of the United States of America. Do you not think he should show his boss some respect?

        • lainer51

          as Bush was yours…. did you diss him, I wonder?

    • Michael Rice

      WHat and steal the lib line that he doesn’t care about black people? There are no relief efforts right now. If he needed to eb in D.C> He should have stayed there. Nothing changed the few hours he was in Florida.

    • bonnieblue2A

      Clue #1: It is too late to show up for the job on time after he’s already gotten wind that his Boss (the US citizen taxpayers) is going to fire him.
      Clue #2 Obama only cares how this hurricane reflects upon his campaign and re-election bid.

  • RightThinking1

    Wait…, Clinton is in Florida? Mothers, lock up your daughters..
    BTW.., does anyone know where Hillary is?

    • WilliamAmos

      Hillary is in Algeria right now.

      • RightThinking1

        I wonder if the plan (Obama’s? Bill’s? Hillary’s?) is for her to simply stay out of the country until the election is over?

  • agroulx

    Lol – nothing this guys does is ever good enough anymore.. Everything backfires…
    I LOVE IT!

  • Guest

    Let’s see… Barry cancels events to monitor a hurricane which he has no power in controlling but doesn’t cancel fund raising events to monitor a terrorist attack on Libya? I wished he monitored the terrorist and protected Americans as hard as he’s monitoring this storm. I guess he’s a better weatherman than a president.

    • bonnieblue2A

      Weatherman….as in a disciple of Bill Ayers & Bernadine Dohrn. If he’s in the White House basement does that qualify as Weather Underground? 😉

  • Chip

    Probably ticked off that Axelrod won’t let him fly off to Vegas and forget the whole thing.

  • stuckinIL4now

    Gotta love this promo on local Chicago conservative talk radio: They’ll be covering the two big disasters Tuesday morning–Hurricane Sandy and the Obama campaign.

  • http://www.facebook.com/john.hanover.35 John Hanover

    Anything like Benghazi it will be at least seven hours in and no action. Or id this in tribute to that a**hole Ted Kennedy where you wait ten and a half hours before you do anything?

  • http://twitter.com/DaffodilTimes The Daffodil Times

    Meanwhile, the President is mobilizing the Departments of Homeland Security, Transportation, Energy, and Health and Human Services to ACTUALLY DO SOMETHING instead of passing out stale ramen

    • Guest

      If you really believe that, then you have drank way too much kool-aide! Aren’t those departments suppose to run on their own? The only place he was needed was in the situation room on 9/11/12, and I guess that wasn’t important. Why don’t you change your tv channel from MSNBC to see some REAL news.

    • http://twitter.com/mandita74 GreenEyedGal

      Yes, Daft-y. The Departments of Homeland Security, Transportation, Energy and Health and Human Services will go out and fight the storm, beat it back and rescue us helpless Americans. Thank God we have such a decisive leader.

      Too bad he did nothing to help the 30 Americans under fire in Benghazi. Tyrone Woods had a lock on the source of the mortar fire and a C-130 could have taken it out, but ordering the military to do that was just too big an ordeal for this embarrassment of a POTUS.

    • Guest

      Guess he should of been a meteorologist because he sure is ‘monitoring’ that storm. Too bad he didn’t monitor Libya and keep Americans from being killed. he was too busy partying with Beyonce. That’s really doing SOMETHING. How exactly do you “monitor a storm”? Oh yeah look out the window. Maybe Barry can handle that but I seriously doubt it.

    • http://twitter.com/AUBraves AUBraves

      Remember how foolish the “film” made him look? How O said that according to reports the “film” was the cause?
      Now he doesn’t get reports of a hurricane until he gets to Florida? It’s about time he gets a new staff that will give him timely, accurate info.
      I feel bad that no one told him about Sandy until this morning.

      By the way, a phone call would mobilize all of these teams and it is assumed that this tele-conference would happen. Not only the agencies you named but…. Did he contact the Governors of each state to discuss access to National Guard personnel, State Departments of Transportation, etc?

      Is FEMA mobilized and ready?

      I personally prefer life saving efforts to making sure there is no stale ramen. The last stale ramen was passed out after the last hurricane in New Orleans and after the tornado in Alabama by none other than this same regime.

    • lainer51

      He sure is a busy man – sucks to be him!

      • Pete Futz

        You have it half right…it sucks to be him…the biggest loser, the weakest link…voted off the island…etc.

  • Terry

    The only reason he cancelled was that he was told he may not make it back to DC due to the storm, if he attends the rally in Orlando. If he could’ve made it back this afternoon, he would have attended.

    • Michael Rice

      Whatever. Then why did he even go there? Apparently it is safe enough to still have the rally and for people to attend. He can’t run thigns from there for a day or two, tops?

      • Terry

        I don’t know why he didn’t stay there, other than guess, Optics? All I know is the statement released by the WH was that he had to get back this morning before the storm got worse.

    • http://twitter.com/DaffodilTimes The Daffodil Times

      And you’re the fly on the window are you? Attention w h o r e

  • Michael Rice

    I wonder how many tiems the East Coast will have to ask for help before they are allowed to get any. THe medical personnel will probably be told to stand down until a mroe clear picture of the situation can be seen.

  • Michael Rice

    THe makers of Twister and The PErfect Storm should be arrested. They are the cause of this storm. THey have infuriated Mother Nature. How dare they try her patience. Behead all thsoe who insult the weather gods..

  • SonofaCV15

    BREAKING… Obama campaign sends Biden to NJ to campaign today. “It’s sunny and 72 with just a light breeze from the east Joe…. get out there and blow em’ away.”

  • scubaski00

    Why doesn’t he just cancel the rest of his presidency!!

    • Pete Futz

      We will do that for him next Tuesday!

      • http://twitter.com/CatherineBarre4 Catherine Barrett

        I got to vote early today .. as far as I am concerned he is CANCELED!

  • http://twitter.com/DaffodilTimes The Daffodil Times

    Lol I cannot believe how many conservative dummies on here want the President to abandon the hurricane relief effort because Faux News told you he “abandoned” the embassy. There is no hope for you lost souls

    • Pete Futz

      The prez has no hurricane relief effort to abandom you dumbass! He is sitting on his ass watching a weather monitor.

  • orringtonmom (D)

    see, if he had just stayed in DC and monitored, i would never known how much he cares. but now i know he cares enough to fly to FLA and back first. now i know what a leg tingle feels like.

  • lainer51

    Oh gee, tears are welling up in my eyes – if only Brian Terry’s family got such compassion!

  • RealityBitesBack

    Hmmm, he’s quick to get to the Situation Room and monitor the storm. However, when there was actually a job to be done, decisions to be made and responsibilities to be kept… he couldn’t get far enough away from that room.

    Liberals latch onto impossible imaginary problems like Global Warming because it keeps them from having to take responsibility for things that are actually within their control… like the economy & national security.

    I’m “monitoring” the storm too. It’s like Washington DC is being given an epic sized enema to eliminate the cr-p that has been clogging up the city… just in time for the elections.

  • http://twitter.com/DaffodilTimes The Daffodil Times

    You people disgust me. All you know how to do is politicize tragedies. God forbid you actually did something pro-active

    • http://twitter.com/TheAngieNC2 Angie (D)

      Sociopaths like you who support Obama disgust me, so we’ll call it even.

    • Eve

      Did you hear the one about how Bin Laden is dead yet? Politicizing obviously has your very own definition.

    • rbtpowell

      That would be a badge of honor……………..

    • Jim Denney

      Hey Daffy, George Soros called. He said to call him back on your “Obamafon.”

    • lainer51

      have you seen Barry on the View, Jay Leno, MTV or Lettermen lately? We ALL know who the politicizer-in-chief is.

  • rbtpowell

    He is a master of visual aids for the hopelessly stupid………………..

    • Pete Futz

      Hopelessly stupid=The Daffodil Times

  • 1azuce

    This can’t be good. The last time obozo “monitored” something, four of our citizens were murdered.

    • lainer51

      Spot on!!!

  • http://www.facebook.com/ken.dickinson.58 Ken Dickinson
  • edward cropper

    check my blog for Obumer tracking storm

  • http://twitter.com/MawMaw4Romney Donna

    He’ll watch the hurricane destroy cities from the ‘situation room’, then go to bed. I’m sure the country feels safer now. Heh.

  • Brian

    He had already canceled all events on Sunday

    As for “monitoring” Benghazi…repeating unproven “facts” aside…attending to a storm affecting millions is much different from leaving the FBI to investigate a tragedy. What exactly do you want him to monitor after the fact in an investigation in comparison to a storm getting reading to hit millions of people?

    • lainer51

      how about monitoring the safety of our citizens, ESPECIALLY after they asked for security… DUH!!!!!!!

  • BeeKaaay

    He is monitoring a putting green in the White House.

  • Rich Davie

    I can see the headlines in the liberal rags on November 7th 2012 now…

    Obama unable to campaign , loses election due to Bush induced Hurricane Sandy

  • http://www.facebook.com/bill.bradham.1 Bill Bradham

    Until now, Obama had only ever used the Situation Room to view Osama’s porn stash.