BOOM: Rasmussen has Romney 50, Obama 48 in Ohio; Pics show more fired up crowds

Rather prescient again, Twitter. A Rasmussen poll out today indicates that Romney is ahead in Ohio!

Up two from last week. Also prescient? The fired up crowds in Ohio.

Those crowds are continuing; This was the scene yesterday in Ohio.


Mittmentum? You betcha! And they are lining up again today. Frigid rain does not put a damper on the enthusiasm, once again.

Mitt’s body man summed it up last night.

Ohio believes. And we can see November from Ohio. Make it happen!

  • DavidKramer

    Just a reminder, Don’t get cocky!

    • Rob M

      completely agree! we cant assume this is accurate or will stay this way. we also have to be prepared for ANYTHING the coward occupier in the wh might do to steal this election. no way in hell will he give up easily without trying every trick in the book

      • rbtpowell

        Afterall – the ass clown in cheif basically told us he was going to wreck the country….and he still got elected. Never under estimate the resolve of liars, theives, and mind numb malcontents. Gotta play till the whistle blows……..

        • Maria

          The Liberals will love Obama no matter what. They are braindead like Zombies.

    • Todd Hill

      Exactly! Romney must continue to campaign as the underdog and keep pressing hard right up until the end of election day.

  • jacamina

    Awesome crowds! Romney surges ahead while Obama keeps a strong hand on his small stuff & negativity. Majority of proud American’s will be happy to sing to you O… Na na na na Na na na na Hey hey hey Good-bye!

  • sparxie

    That little Captain America boy is super cute!

  • RDPortland

    Great news, but there’s still plenty of fighting to do in Ohio, Wisconsin, New Hampshire, Florida, Iowa, Colorado, Pennsylvania, and everywhere else! Wherever you are, keep pushing through November 6th!

    • David Gregory

      I don’t know about that. Mitt has FL, VA, NC, CO and NH locked up, it looks like OH just fell today too.
      We need to fight in WI, MN, PA and MI now 😉

      • John Hanover

        Mn slowly turning red for the first time since 1972. Pa. Romney wiped out a 9 point lead Obama had on him, to Romney leading and in biased polls tied. The only southern state that went for Obama was Florida last time, now that’s gone. Colorado is turning redder by the day.

      • RDPortland

        Certainly it looks good in those states, yes, and I’m confident of victory. But that doesn’t mean I want to leave anything to chance! :)

      • Maria

        Don’t forget Nevada.

  • AlexanderGalt

    The double digit lead among independents should swing it for Romney.
    It’s Russell Crowe that upsets me!

    Can’t a rightie film goer have just one actor to admire?

    See “Et Tu Brute?” at:

  • Jeanne Swaney

    How exciting this is! But it is true, it is no time to get too overconfident. Let’s just all pray and VOTE!!!

    • chocolateheart

      Yes, pray hard!! #RomneyRyan2012!!

  • Jack Deth

    Federal, Eric Holder Friends of Obama Arm Twisters, Leg Breakers and Persuaders knocking on Rasmussen’s door in 3…2…1

    “Resistance is futile. You WILL be Assimilated!”

    Yeah?…. Blow it out your ass!!!

    • FGCU_James

      We are the OFA team. You will be assimilated. We will replace your thoughts and political mindsets with our own. You will adapt your life to service us.

      Resistance is futile.

      • Maria

        I’d rather be assimilated by the Borg, thanks. O_O

        • FGCU_James


  • jackay

    Wow, so exciting to finally have a poll with Romney/Ryan up in Ohio! Keep pushing. Love the crowds and the enthusiasm. Those little kids are too cute! As your neighbor in PA, I’m praying that both of these states make the right (Romney/Ryan) decision next Tuesday!

    • Lady 12

      They’re predicting crowds just as big in Wisconsin tonight!

  • Rightturn

    I understand the want to believe, the NEED to believe. But is anyone concerned by the fact that in 2010 midterms, on average Rasmussen’s polls were off by 5.8% with a bias of 3.9% in favor of the Republican candidates?

    • Owen007

      As opposed to PPP or other polls that have a bias towards Democrats and “unexpectedly” showing Obama up? I’m also curious to know how accurate other polls were in comparison.

      Of course, no matter your view on the polls, none of it matters. The only poll that matters is the one on election day. Still, as far as the campaign staffs go, you can bet both sides are looking this one over closely.

    • smackdog11

      Well said, these idiots will believe the Easter Bunny is real if Rasmussen told them so. These are the same low information voters that were willing to give Sarah Palin the nuclear launch codes to put in her purse……INSANE!!!!

      • Maria

        Oh but your misguided lot believe any poll that is Democrat +8. lol You guys are hilarious and a bunch of poor hypocrites. I pity you. 😀

  • Marty Luther

    We need Ohio. Other polls are so skewed America is walking funny.

  • Owen007

    Good news, but it’ll mean squat if Romney supporters don’t vote.

  • ObamaPelosi

    This is awesome! Hope all of this translates to a huge Romney victory on Nov. 6th. I can’t wait to say, “President Romney!!!” President Romney all the way till 2020!!! Then President Ryan from 2021-2028!!! Awesome! God Bless America!!

  • SonofaCV15

    INSTALLING ROMNEY/RYAN 2012 ████████▒▒▒▒▒▒▒▒ 50% COMPLETE.

    • cousinarlo

      Great graphic!

      • SonofaCV15

        Thanks cousin. I was getting sick and tired of the “Unstalling Obama stuck at 90 to 99% complete.

        @O@ has got to go. We can’t stand another four minutes… let alone another 4 years.

  • Paul J. Citro

    It’s a movement, I hope Romney slam-dunks this piece of sh*t.

  • PennyRobinsonFanClub

    Hey trollios, are you going to spend 15 hours today explaining how these are all photoshops?

  • PennyRobinsonFanClub

    Speaking of election day:

    UN observers, names and places. Sources are working on specific polling places where they will be located, rather than just cities.

  • techaddiction456

    Looking good, but we all need to make sure every one of our family and friends gets out a week from tomorrow and votes Romney. Every single vote counts, and the Obama reelection juggernaut is not to be underestimated!

  • dobermangang

    FL, NC, VA, IA, OH are safely in the Romney column. Looks like Obama’s
    firewall states are now Wisconsin, Nevada, State 52 and State 57.

    • Maria

      I’m hoping my state, Nevada, will turn dramatically in Romney’s favor. I know my whole family is voting Romney/Ryan here.

      State 52 and 57 are lost to Romney, since they only exist in Obama’s mind and each have 60 electoral votes.

  • $92510698

    They must be almost exhausted, but please keep fighting for us, it’s only a few more days. We need R&R in the WH.

  • Love of Country

    Ladies and gentleman …. I give you the 45th and NEXT President of the United States …. MITT ROMNEY!!!!!!!!!!!

  • Brandon Billings

    This is great news but we must finish strong in the 4th quarter. With all the early voters turning out for Obama Im hoping the flood of Romniacs on election day scare the Libs into staying home.

    • smackdog11

      SURE, Republicans have a good history of voter intimidation…. sure why stop now?

      • Maria

        Like your guys rigging voter terminals in North Carolina and sending immigration notices to those GOP people in Florida, ripping up voter registrations, Black Panthers outside of polls yelling at Caucasians..should I go on?

        • smackdog11

          No, your tricks are little bit more over the top, literacy test, poll taxes, Jim Crow, actual laws outlawing any votes by women and minorities, KKK polling stations on election day, and now you want 80 year old men/women to find a birth certificate from the Great Depression era in order to vote. GET REAL…Y’ALL HAVE NO SHAME!!!

          • Maria

            Actually, Jim Crow, suppression of Women’s Rights, and the KKK are part of the Democratic Party. Look in a history book if you can read and comprehend, that is. And yes, they still are. And no one ever said anything about finding a birth certificate. Obviously you are one of the uneducated masses. We haven’t implemented literacy tests at all, have we? We’re talked about it, but then you’d be unable to vote, so.. And no we have never implemented laws against women voting–that was the Democrats.

            Your people, the Democrats, have actually implemented rigging of voting machines, sent letters questioning the citizenship of GOP members, torn up our applications, and well you own the Black Panther Party along with the KKK. lol Wow you guys are hateful little ones.

          • smackdog11

            DAMN!!!! PICK UP A HISTORY BOOK!!! Everyone knows the parties have SWITCHED SIDES. Your Republican party that contains Gov. Jane Brewer and Sheriff Joe Apriao DOESN’T represent the party of Lincoln nor Dr. Martin Luther King Jr.. Actually, you’re one of the uneducated masses that still believes your party is progressive and actually cares about women’s liberty and freedom regarding their reproductive rights. Nor do you care about workers voices and their fair and cheaper access to healthcare so we as a nation can keep our high standing as “first world” nation. That’s the problem with conservatives now days, y’all always assume your talking to some street thug without a clue or job in this world, but you just picked the wrong liberal to talk to because I actually believe in FACTS!!!!!

  • Maria

    President Romney! And he knows how to spell “OHIO”!

  • Terika

    O-H-I-O taking it back!!!! Woot!!!

    OH… BYE, “O”!!!!!!!!!

    & Take “ByeDone” with ya!!!

  • PennyRobinsonFanClub
  • Paul J. Citro

    The reason there are no blacks is because 95% of them are TAKERS and we all know which way they are voting!!

  • SonofaCV15

    Don’t look now smackdog… but you and your mongrel buddies are about to meet the silent majority sleeping giant watch dogs.

  • Maria

    What a racist you are. So can we say that a rally with hardly to no CAUCASIAN people is racist? I would. Can we call it a Panther rally? I would. :-) Only there would be no American flags.

  • Rachel Henry

    There are no black people bc most of them have allowed themselves to be brainwashed by the true racist left. Why is the only party every talking about race the left and none of you find that odd.

  • nc

    Ask Stacey Dash what happens if you’re black and you dare to think for yourself.

  • smackdog11
  • smackdog11

    MONGRELS….yep, go ahead and show your true colors and take off your hood. LMAO!!!!!!

  • smackdog11

    Typical Republican response as you’re counting the days until you receive your Medicare, Social Security and you’re probably already receiving disability insurance or unemployment and you have the nerve to call somebody else a taker. We all pay taxes and contribute to this system, however that myth of the 47% created by Romney is a lie for the low information voting trolls. LMAO!!!!!

  • Maria

    I don’t feel like clicking on any link you supply since it might have viruses in it, which would be along with the Liberal mythos, however the reason why you don’t see “true” diversity, as you mistakingly call it, at our events is because minorities for the large part (though we have the ones who’ve seen the light) are brainwashed by the Left, the party of hatred and racism. I guess an event where there’s no Caucasian people is diverse to you. Racist.

  • Maria

    Ahem.. Again you’re being a racist, Smackdog. Duuuuh was calling your entire party mongrels.

  • SonofaCV15

    Snicker….. Aren’t you tired of that race card yet?

    You don’t even have a effing clue who you are speaking to. I guess the plantation still has effective, if outdated, training. Google “knee jerk” ( if you can’t spell it… just copy/paste it.)

    Btw… Pull them pants up dumbazz, get to work and quit selling dope on the corner.

  • Maria

    Medicare and Social Security is something people pay in to of their own money. Unemployment is paid by the former employer for an employee’s lost wages, disability too is paid by the employer. It’s not taxpayer money that goes into it. I know that blows your mind, truly.

    Section 8, welfare, and foodstamps ARE paid by taxpayers and that is what the 47% love. And anyone with even half a brain (I guess that is 25% more of a brain than most Liberals have), could understand Romney said people who don’t pay income taxes are the 47% who will never change their vote because they have it good under the Food stamp President. Now you know something more, you may get fully educated one day! lol

  • smackdog11

    You really don’t know who you’re talking to. I have 3 college degrees, own a business and actually make well into the high 6 figures. I’m not pulling the race card, but just exposing the clear fact that the GOP policies are full of race bait material from less funding for public education, decreased healthcare access, and stupid wars so the poor die and rich make billion dollar profits….AND YOU WONDER WHY YOU DON’T FIND ANY MINORITIES AT YOUR ROMNEY/RYAN RALLIES?
    So can you please stop banging your sister, pull up you britches, wash your dirty @$$ pick up truck…..LMAO!!!!

  • smackdog11

    No viruses here, just a clear picture of 30,000 Obama supporters full of Amercian diversity at a rally at Uni. of Wisconsin earlier this month. Something Romney and Ryan couldn’t replicate in 1000 years of lies.

  • smackdog11

    Okay, I know you must have been asleep during econ 101 or if you ever took the class. Have you ever heard of gas tax, sales tax, car tax, liquor tax, cigarette tax, sin tax, payroll tax (which includes Social Security, Medicare, Medicaid and local city/state taxes), and food tax on commercially bought food? All of these taxes are paid by EVERYONE, including you and the lower or upper 47% that you magical Romney likes to place fellow Americans into category of worth. BTW. I LOVE HOW YOU CALL PRES OBAMA THE FOOD STAMP PRESIDENT, BUT WHO PLACED ALL THOSE FOLKS ON WELFARE FROM THE GOP’S HORRIBLE DESTRUCTION OF THE ECONOMY???? ROMNESIA HAS SET IN…. YOU NEED SOME THERAPY!!!!!

  • smackdog11


  • Maria

    That’s because Obama gives free stuff out and lures people to vote for him. 😉 Romney and Ryan won’t. They believe in hard work for all to earn what they get. Democrats think that’s crazy talk because they’d much rather mooch off the taxpayers. You’re already infected by the Democrat Virus of “if I give you free sh*t, you’ll vote for me”. How sad. See the “Obamaphone Woman” for more. She is only voting to keep Obama “in president” because he gives her free stuff. LOLOL

    Not to mention…the photos were obviously staged so that more “minorities” were in the frames. You’ll have to try harder to convince me. LOL

    However I think one day the world will become an enlightened society free of the lazy gimme gimme crowd.

  • Maria

    I doubt you ever went to college, hun. And no it’s not paid by everyone, because a lot don’t have jobs, they just mooch off the government. You know who. The ones who sell their foodstamps for iPhones and such? The only person who needs therapy is you, dear. You seem not to be taking your meds for your Liberophrenia, it’s melting what brain cells you have left. See? I can think my insults up myself instead of using a term Obama’s twitterteam stole from someone else. Originality–a term foreign to you and yours.

    “Keep Obama in president” because he gives you free crap. Haha. Priceless. And yes, Obama placed them on food stamps because people have given up finding jobs in Obama’s horrible economy. So if all the unemployed people were’d be well over 14% unemployment–and I’m being generous. The current % doesn’t cover those who are not receiving unemployment and have given up–those are the people I feel sorry for–and no they are not counted in Romney’s 47% because they actually DO want to earn a living unlike those people you’re familiar with.

    Obama has brought on almost $6 trillion in debt in 4 years when Bush did $4.8 in two terms. God help us all if Obama is re-elected, we’re screwed.

  • SonofaCV15

    You say you aren’t race baiting and then launch right into a racial diatribe accusing conservatives of race baiting. Get real. 

    How the hell is making those “true colors” and “hood” remark not race baiting? You guys subsist on a steady diet of race hook baiting. You think that you can shut people up by claiming race is an issue anytime you feel that you are losing the discussion.

    You look at a picture on a blog that has absolutely nothing to do with “race” and start counting skin colors to justify injecting “race” into it. Who is the real racist here that can only look at the world through black and white glasses?

    I will say this… If I was in charge of the world the first ones I would round up is the white supremacist. They are certainly a blight on the earth.

    The second would be people like you who race bait constantly to stir the pot and keep racial wounds open. That is where your “power” come from.

    Anyone who uses race and racial hate is despicable… and that goes for both ways.

    Funny thing is… You do all look alike to me… regardless of your skin color… and that is with the KKK hoods included.

    Moral of the story… Don’t project your stupidity on to others. To do so only creates more stupidity.

    As far as the pickup truck… just went out and wrote Romney/Ryan 2012 in the dust….  So stop doing your brother, Michael Moore, pull your pants up and go put your Volt out. And I’ll be sure to wave to you on my way by the next time you can’t get the car out of the ditch.

    You guys are certainly in panic mode. I’m “LMAO” watching your buddies come unglued and unhinged!! Looks like it’s about time for a new tube to sniff.

  • smackdog11

    LMAO…. FIRST, lets break down the budget. Did you magically forget about the wars? Do you think they’re free and who in the hell started them? Did you also forget about the Bush Tax Cuts that are responsible for over 60% of the current deficit since 2001? And did you just magically forget about the 5.3 million jobs created since Prez Obama took office after 8 million jobs were lost on the LAST GOP BUSINESSMAN left office?
    What happened to the war on terror? Oh, yea, Obama won it. What happened to Osama Bin Laden? Oh, yea, Obama got him. What happened to Gaddafi? Oh, yea, Obama got him too. What happened to the Great Recession? 31 consecutive months of private sector job growth, retail sales are up, house prices are climbing. What happened to GM/Chyrsler? Oh, yea, Obama saved them, and they are the number one car maker in the world. What happened to the stock market? Oh, yea, it has doubled since the stimulus and Americans have gained back $10 trillion of the $14 trillion lost since the Great Recession.

    Obama has done a very good job, and most of this with highest amount of filibusters and a dysfunctional Congres in U.S. history that only has an 10% approval rating. November can’t come fast enough, we need to clean out some dirty TEA bags.

    And the borders? Oh yea, the most deportations in U.S. history at 500,000 a year for a grand total of 2 million by December of this year. With the highest amout of Border Patrol agents in U.S. history at 24,000, using federal funding for unmanned drone planes, FOB forward operating bases, and best night vision technology on this planet.

    Do facts play any role in your life? Come out of your BUBBLE!!!!!