A day before the main event, Hurricane Sandy flooding has already begun (photos)

Hurricane Sandy probably won’t hit land until tomorrow evening, but according to Twitter users, some cities on the East Coast are already seeing flooding.

Editor’s Note: Twitchy has not been able to verify the authenticity of these photos. It is possible that some of these photos were not taken today.

  • $30736095

    It’s times like this when politics means nothing. Please, be safe everyone.

  • Christine Patrick

    Prayers to the people on the east coast tonight….

  • Lynnette

    OMG Start running West FAST!!!

  • Robert H. Woodman

    I hope people will get out of the way of that storm NOW. Things can be replaced. Lives cannot.

  • cruXsader

    “Blame it on Bush”

    • Emily B

      You know, I was thinking Mitt Romney probably ordered this hurricane to try and suppress voters on the east coast. ;0)