Washington Post unveils another ridiculous D+8 Virginia poll

The big news in this poll is not that President Obama is supposedly ahead by 4 points in Virginia, but that the Washington Post has once again foisted a Democrat-skewed sample upon its readership.

Check out the party breakdown:

  • Democrat 31%
  • Republican 23%
  • Independent 36%
  • Other/Don’t Know 9%

So this is a D+8 sample. By comparison, the 2008 Virginia exit poll sample, taken when Obama-mania was at its peak, was 39D/33R/27I, or merely D+6.

In other words, the Washington Post poll presumes a political environment in Virginia that is more hospitable to Democrats today than it was in 2008.

Savvy poll-watchers aren’t falling for it:

WaPo pulled the same stunt last month. And yet we’re told it is conservatives who are embracing an “alternate polling reality.”

We’ll see on November 6th.

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