Leavin’ on a jet plane: Obama supporters vow exodus from US if Romney wins

Oof. Another election, another litany of threats from American liberals vowing to leave the country if a Republican is elected president:

We’re sure we’ll miss that guy.

But where will they go?

Many say they will move to Canada if Romney prevails on Election Day next month:


Some are considering England:

Or the greater U.K.:

Italy’s looking pretty good to them, too:

It’s worth noting that those who escape to Italy will avoid the second coming of Mussolini:

Australia also holds a lot of promise:

Good point. Romney wants to send people back to the cotton fields, after all.

Wait … what?

And how about New Zealand (where, incidentally, the prime minister is a member of the conservative National Party)?


Many see Mexico as a safe haven away from all the inevitable right-wing oppression that will ensue if Romney wins:

And it’s important not to overlook Cuba, that steady beacon of freedom in a sea of political turmoil:

A few Twitterers believe that these kinds of threats are empty ones:

But these people aren’t drama queens; they’re dead-set on getting the heck outta Dodge — and off of Earth:

They must really want to leave; even Ernie, who’s pals with Romney victim Big Bird, admits he’d never want to live on the moon.

We hear Mars is lovely this time of year, too.

Don’t forget to pack the lady parts!

Ground control to Major Tom: Your circuit’s dead.

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