Lapdog priorities! David Gregory tweets baseball while #BenghaziGate Libya hearing proceeds

Wow. Rep. Cummings disgracefully couldn’t remember Ambassador Stevens’ name during the House Oversight Committee hearing on Libya today and “real journalist” David Gregory thinks it’s not even worth mentioning. Might be time to revive #DavidGregoryQuestions!

You see, while the hearing was going on, Mr. Gregory prattled on about sporty thingies. Baseball, in particular.

He retweeted these tweets.

And continued with the most pressing issue of our time. SQUIRREL!

Twitter users give Mr. Gregory,and his skewed priorities, the business.

Indeed, it does. But, evidently, it doesn’t even warrant a passing mention.

Lapdog priorities! Maybe he’ll get a “good boy” and some extra kibble in his bowl tonight.

  • disappearing moderate

    Oh gosh, who wouldn’t rather have DG at the ball game rather than readying his spin control “reportage”? The only bright spot so far with my Nats already 5 down.

  • K B

    I’m a hardcore conservative. David Gregory is not the only member of the NBC News team, nor is NBC News the only player in the news game. Seriously, would ANY of us have actually paid attention to ANYTHING David Gregory had to say about Libya? No. Let the guy enjoy a ballgame, for Pete’s sake. I hope he took his kids out of school and really enjoyed the day with them.

    • redheadgrl


    • redheadgrl


  • RanierWest

    We are seeing history that matters for all Americans as the Presidents foreign policy bubble is burst! This is a very convenient defense: “let him enjoy the game.” Vetting the media includes silence… no reports from Legacy media of unapproved building standards used for consulate security structures post Beirut standards, not even after the al Qaeda probes of the perimeter which was BREACHED! This is a MEDIA black-out on the scale of Russia silencing critics of the war in Afghanistan!

  • stuckinIL4now

    I suppose it means there was one less libturd slimestreamer there to serve as yet another insufferable apologist for Obamuh. I’m sure his cohorts at the NothingButCrap news conglomerate had plenty of bluster to cover for him.

  • TugboatPhil

    Why would Gregory tweet about the hearings when he’s pretty much ignored the issue, other than the “video protest”, since it happened.

  • TugboatPhil

    Why would Gregory tweet about the hearings when he’s pretty much ignored the issue, other than the “video protest”, since it happened.

  • Jack Deth

    I don’t begrudge Mr. Gregory some time at a game. But the Nats?… Really? The Nationals are nothing more than the Senators in a newer stadium.

    Would it make any difference if he were present during the hearings? The rest of the Obama owned, operated, edited and censored lame stream media will be sure to either ignore them completely. Or try to spin dry eight or nine coats of whitewash to this offensive turd in a punch bowl.

    Tomorrow’s Christ Plante and Rush shows should be quite entertaining, though.