Romney family prepares for debate … with game of Jenga; haters hate

D.G. Jackson is Mitt Romney’s personal aide and “body man.” He tweeted a fun photo of the Romney family backstage before the Denver debate calming their nerves with a game of Jenga. It takes a steady hand!

Amazing how much hate and derision a game of Jenga can generate. Geez:

  • Right Wired

    Hey! You didn’t build that Jenga! Someone else made that happen. – Barack Obama

  • Jeff G

    Jenga is a nice family game…these people are heathens of course they would talk smack.

  • Gail Wakefield

    Go Romney…save us from the hell that is the bama administration

  • Debbie Karper

    He is calm, cool and collective. Life is always easy when you tell the truth Jenga is the metaphor of our great country standing strong with a stronger leader!

  • sjrago

    I want to see a T.K.O. and Obama on the mat, Go Romney go

  • sjrago

    So how do you buy a new car with $3600,00?????

    • W Randall

      Especially with 0’s new fuel mileage mandates, get the people down and then step on their necks with new regulations that cost us more in every other way.

    • Archangel1

      Chevy Volt ? at the rate that they are giving rebates :)

  • sjrago

    Trump is small business ?????? when at the age of 15 maybe what B.S.

  • Clint Reel

    Are you listening, Barack is still Name Dropping and Pointing Fingers… Shit, when will this man Blame His Own Administration? His own ineptitude? His own Intelligence?

    • Rich Johnson

      Never or as long as there is the concept of affirmative action!

      • Archangel1

        Ditto 100%

    • Rich Johnson

      Never or as long as there is the concept of affirmative action!

  • sjrago

    Romney GOT GAME

  • hehastogo

    My not so Ladyparts think that Obama makes everything up as he goes along. That’s why the Moderator has to tell him what to say! Sickening! Romney stay on him and take him down! Notch by notch!

  • Owen007

    Yeah, why play Jenga when you can visit the Hoover Dam? *rolls eyes*

  • JonInVa

    After tonight’s shellacking, Obama’s handlers are flooding stores looking for Jenga.

  • Truth1991

    it’s adorable how romney really thinks he has a chance of winning

  • Archangel1

    But you see this just shows how well
    Mitt knows the issues and facts and just the mere fact that he was playing
    Jenga, shows how confident he is in his abilities & knowledge.
    And Obama must be really Pissed seeing this picture and knowing how Mitt spanked him like a petulant Child in the debate.