Lupe Fiasco: I won’t vote until ‘I heal from the wounds of 400 years of institutionalized agony’

400 years of “institutionalized agony and destruction” have taken their toll on Lupe Fiasco. Why, with only one lousy Grammy to his name, how — how?! — will he ever heal enough to feel comfortable voting in America?

Earlier this week, D.L. Hughley called out the left-wing rapper for refusing to help get out the vote for President Obama. While Fiasco has been extremely critical of Obama, he’s far from a Mitt Romney supporter. He made it clear he has no intention of voting for either candidate. It’s the entire system he refuses to participate in (because, you know, Kochtopus or something).

Oops. Guess the Left’s mission to demonize corporations and get young people to distrust the political system worked on Lupe!

Enter CNN’s Roland Martin, who took it upon himself to sanctimoniously lecture his “bruh” Fiasco on why his vote matters.

Martin was done, but Fiasco was just getting started. He hit back at the whole “Lupe Dumb Cuz He Don’t Vote” crowd, including all the “uppity black niggas hiding behind your political correctness.”

Riiiight. Martin Luther King Jr. would be humiliated by “uppity” black Americans exercising the right to vote. And not by Fiasco calling them “uppity black niggas.”

So, if we have this right, in protest of a country that once enslaved black people, he’s going to … not bother voting. At all.

His elders, of course, being ever so wise students of history like Howard Zinn.

Maybe Martin just wants to heal his wounds?

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