Priorities! Obama weighs in on Nicki Minaj endorsed Romney debate; ‘She likes to play different characters’

Pitiful. His laser-like focus on himself is unwavering. Continuing his trend of taking hard-hitting questions from the likes of Glamour magazine and the “Morning Mayhem” radio show, Obama appeared on a hip-hop station today. He was asked about The Great Minaj/Romney Debate ™.

As Twitchy reported, Nicki Minaj released a mix-tape that appeared to endorse Romney with the line, “I’m a Republican voting for Mitt Romney/You lazy bitches is fucking up the economy.”

This does not suit! So, President Obama is totally running with the “it’s just a persona” rationale, and wants to make sure that everyone knows it. Economy, shmonomy! What would Nicki Minaj do?

The President of the United States is actually debating the endorsement or non-endorsement of a rapper. While there is a teachers strike in Chicago, a major city.

More from The Washington Post:

Asked if Minaj had endorsed his opponent, Obama responded, “I’m not sure that’s actually what happened. I think she had a song on there, a little rap that said that.” But, he notedaccurately, “she likes to play different characters.”

Most pressing issue of our times! Citizens find it even more pathetic and desperate than usual.


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