Michael Moore runs with Joe Biden’s ‘back in chains’ comment

Never mind that the White House itself has chosen to double down on Vice President Joe Biden’s comment to a crowd in Virginia Tuesday that a President Mitt Romney would “put y’all back in chains.” Moore, Biden admirer and author of “Stupid White Men,” has deemed the backlash “made-up outrage,” picked up the tasteless metaphor and run with it.

The transparent race baiting of Biden’s slavery metaphor was bad enough, but worse still is how casually the metaphor can be extended, apparently with a straight face. Student loans are the equivalent of chains? Who fit those chains, exactly?


Speaking of jobs…

  • Tyler

    How about unions Mikey?? They are the main factor in bankrupting cities. You want to spread the wealth but refuse to spread the blame.

    • Arne Maes

      I’m sorry but isn’t the definition of unions that they try to spread the wealth, in Europe the liberal middle class is in a constant struggle with the socialist unions, I know this doesn’t translate to America, but you’d expect that to be a in-party Democratic power struggle not an inter-party issue.

    • Elaine

      Don’t try to “rationalize” anything with this MORON. He ran Media Matters, for God’s sake! (funded by SOROS and he talks about evil RICH PEOPLE?) What a JOKE.

  • $8266073

    Why would you borrow $150,000 for a job that would only ever pay $60,000. Common sense seems to have gone out the window.

    • TomJB

      exactly. that guy put the chains on himself.

    • James Atkins

      No kidding, but we as a society as expected to bail out these people who make very poor decisions. I use to live paycheck to paycheck, but I sure as hell wasn’t blaming “the man” for that. People have a very extreme ideas on what our rights are. If you don’t like living paycheck to paycheck, then take some personal responsibility and fix it.

    • http://twitter.com/beplunkett Brian Plunkett

      If it were presented that way up front, obviously no one would make that choice. But the mantra is that you need a degree to get a decent job, so you roll the dice on student loans in anticipation of that big payoff upon graduation – – which doesn’t materialize because most companies aren’t hiring, and you lack the experience needed by the ones that are. So you settle on something you are over-qualified for, hoping to work your way up. A painfully slow process these past several years.

      • weRbroke

        GAMBLING just doesn’t pay.

    • http://twitter.com/TonySony Tony

      Agree with you on that!

  • Tyler

    If black households are at a disadvantage then maybe they shouldn’t keep voting for democrats. Showering anyone in welfare only makes that person content. It’s human nature. We are to help those who are UNABLE to work not those who are unwilling. If you want to break the “chains” that hold them down, give that person a hand; not a handout

  • killdozerd11R

    His college education was probably liberal arts

    And who is this fat rich POS to speak for anyone

    Other than to listen to himself

    If the black family has such a low worth then they only have them selves to blame they only vote for democrats and ones that are black if they can over and over and this is what they get you reelect the same guy who don’t do the job again and again

    Try electing someone who is qualified to do the job you want done not because there a democrat or because there black

  • syvyn11

    Run with it? I didn’t know fatass could run.

    • Owen007

      And he can’t use one of those scooters because it would collapse under the weight.

      • brianmouland

        So would a semi-trailer

  • bret robertson

    ummm I thougth Michael MORON was a canadian not american

    • brianmouland

      I am a Canadian we dont want him our harp seals live up north

      • bret robertson

        I don’t think any sane country wants him around

        • brianmouland

          Maybe Greenland or Upper Volga


    Michael Moore is just a Hate Walrus.

  • Owen007

    Maybe Moore should be put in chains. There are leash laws and a finite food supply, after all.

    As for those weenies complaining about student loans, gimme a break. Big surprise, interest compounds for loans if they’re not paid quickly. You suppose the credit card companies have stumbled onto that little scheme? It’s not that I begrudge people who need the money to go to school, but there is an understanding of what’s expected in return for the initial cash.

  • http://www.facebook.com/pjcitro Paul J. Citro

    Yea put Moore in chains seeing how he’s eating 1/5 of the food supply.

  • Elaine

    Ok, I need to say, that THIS coming from a SOROS PUPPET? Please. Check it out.. Media Matters, MOTHER JONES, 9.11 TRUTHER. and Rham’s brother his AGENT? Come on. Just another liberal RICH Obama kiss a$$. http://www.muckety.com/Michael-Moore/27626.muckety

  • BwBarrnone

    So these folks make a choice and blame others for their choice. I guess they are not pro choice any more, are they?

  • http://www.facebook.com/john.hanover.35 John Hanover

    How nauseating. Michael Moore is in chains called the IRS he doesn’t want to give away too much of his 50 mil worth. Hypocrite, and absolute cut-n-paste propagandist. He panders to the Left as they have way lower standards. He’s a joke and those who believe in him the punchline.

  • haruka

    I would like to see someone move into Michael Moore’s mansion, refuse to leave or pay rent, and then scream, “YOU’RE PUTTING ME IN CHAINS!” when Moore tries to evict him–because obviously someone not letting you live for free on his own property is equivalent to that person making you a slave.

    • TonyMontana3

      That’s not exactly what Moore was saying….

      • brianmouland

        Fatty doesnt talk he spews like Jabba

      • conservativechick

        Who the hell knows WHAT that fool is saying?

  • WingedBishop

    $150,000 for a $60,000 job… sound like someone was on the 6-year plan.

  • WingedBishop

    In the past 2.5 years I’ve been laid off twice and I’m not in chains.

  • weRbroke

    I wonder why there isn’t a “war” on Mikey’s fat D-onkey?
    Oh, yeah, he’s worth $50 Mil..and donates to the cause that wants to keep their voterbase on the D-onkey farm…wearing CHAINS made of 14k. Ever noticed that the folks who really can’t afford GOLD JEWELRY, seem to have more of it than someone who is stuck paying taxes? That mothers dropping off their kidlets for HeadStart have more INK than the NYTs? That the peeps with EBT cards EAT expensive groceries…
    In 2000, the State of Mn conducted a study of the state of welfare and how Clinton’s Work to Welfare affected families. They collected data from different households and compared numbers, numbers that counted the various public assistance program contributions to that household as “INCOME”. They found out that a household with earned income, equal to $8.00 FT had MORE MONEY to spend on consumer items than a household that earned $21 FT. The former had their LIVING(housing, food,medical) paid for so they could blow their paycheck on OTHER things. The later didn’t qualify for any programs and was also paying income taxes to fund the household where the earner decided that making $8 an hour was all they needed to do to take care of their family.
    That’s F-ed up.

  • weRbroke

    Oh, and lets talk about “chains”. The real face of POVERTY in the US is millions of SENIORS that are forced to work a real job, to help pay for their living. Because they have an income ABOVE their little SS check, UNCLE OBLAMO doesn’t mind TAXING THEM. My mother is 66, has RA and pays thru the nose for her much needed medications to keep her ALIVE and able to work to pay for the costs of trying to remain in her own home. She makes $11 and hour. My father is 71 a stage 4 cancer survior, he makes $11 and they both work FULLTIME and the last TWO YEARS they have been dinged with an extra $1500 in taxes owed on top of the money already taken out of their checks for fed income tax.
    When Fluke took the stage and whined about birth control, my mother was INSULTED that some 30 yr old bimbo dared demand that the rest of the nation pay for the THERAPUTIC DRUG called birth control…
    There are seniors across the nation barely able to get by, stuck in government subsidizes housing, on any program they qualify for, but kept indefinately POOR.
    For the purposes of determining POVERTY, the Census counts SS as INCOME…but it doesn’t count the money that flows to all the people that COULD work…and won’t so they can enjoy the free ride.
    Seniors…remember when you reached 70 and if you wanted to work, you could keep it? Now the D-onnkeys prefer to look towards YOUR pockets to pay for able bodied women to keep their crotchcare up.

    • J.N. Ashby

      I’m confused by your statement. Are you saying one shouldn’t have to work because one is old?

      • weRbroke

        You are confused? Go talk to some old people and find out what it’s like to work fulltime, thru the pain or disability, so they don’t have to eat catfood and wait for the government welfare to give them a few crumbs. Find out that they pay income tax on their Social Security if they earn too much. Find out that without their WORKING income, they can’t afford their meds…insurances, food, etc.

        • Nukular Science Klub

          Yeah, Bain & Pain are really going to help the poor out.

          Out of their jobs. savings, homes and pensions, and health care.


          • weRbroke

            Obama’s D-onkeys have gave out a payroll holiday, lowered the money taken in and decided that taxing the crap out of seniors is just peachy. But hey, women have “free” birth control.

        • J.N. Ashby

          “SENIORS that are forced to work a real job, to help pay for their
          living. Because they have an income ABOVE their little SS check, UNCLE
          OBLAMO doesn’t mind TAXING THEM.” I was confused by this part. Being old doesn’t entitle you to not work, and being old doesn’t entitle you to not pay taxes, especially if everyone else has to (I say this, though I’m against income tax entirely). Plus, if they’re indeed poor, those taxes, except those that go to Social Security (A sham if ever there were one), they’d get back anyway come April.

          • weRbroke

            You really are clueless.

          • J.N. Ashby

            Far from it I’m afraid. Was some statement I made fundamentally wrong?

          • weRbroke

            Do you think that people should have to work until they day they die?

            It really appears that you do.

          • J.N. Ashby

            If they don’t save the necessary funds to not work, yes. They probably should. So I suppose it’s almost exactly as it appears.

          • weRbroke

            Cancer wiped out my parents nest egg. I an thankful every day that my father survived. When will he ever be able to retire? Before or after his knees and hips go out? Will they call me when my mom’s heart fails and she dies pulling some pallet? Until they cut off the nitwits that are ABLE to work and won’t, my parents will end up paying TAXES so the YOUTH can piss it away.
            Thanks for nothing…they work every day with 20′ something twits that complain if they have a headache and call in sick because they are hungover. It’s disheartening to them to have worked hard their entire lives and have it all gone…then have to PAY TAXES on the Social Security checks that are each less than what some people make in a week. the government collected from them for their entire lives. The government pissed away the money. I thinnk my parents have a right to be angry at every lazy ass out there who is currently riding a drug dependancy disability, or says they can’t work because they are DEPRESSED.
            Do you hope to retire someday? OR, do you believe that everyone should have to work until they DIE?

          • J.N. Ashby

            I do actually intend to retire at some point. I never said they should HAVE to work. You can not work, but if you need the money, then, well, it sucks, but you gotta work. Clearly, you missed my contempt for taxes in general, BUT being old doesn’t, and shouldn’t, entitle you to not pay the same taxes, which for the most part shouldn’t exist, that everyone else has to pay.

            And I already addressed the second question. If you don’t have the money, yes. You should work until you don’t need to work. Sorry. Your anecdotal evidence, while unfortunate, does not sway my opinion.

          • weRbroke

            may you NEVER face life altering events where you CAN’T work and have to SUCK it up and starve or go without your meds.

          • J.N. Ashby

            Thanks for those sentiments. I hope the same for you.

          • weRbroke

            Don’t worry about me and mine.

          • weRbroke

            Oh and BTW, yoru attitude is precisely why LIBERTARIANS will never gain much traction…the whole “sucks to be you” is a bitter pill to swallow when you eventually get in return what you failed to give…a big fat NOTHING.

          • J.N. Ashby

            You’re assuming that I have no faith in the kindness of people. Me not wanting the government to take care of people does not imply that I don’t feel people should help each other out when they’re in need. I just don’t feel there should be legal obligation to it. Also, I give money to charity nearly any time I’m asked. That’s really all you need to do to get help from people. Ask.
            Furthermore, you’re insisting that a certain group deserves special treatment. That isn’t fair. It’s nice. But it isn’t just.

          • weRbroke

            Have all the faith in people you want…when the rubber meets the road, it may not be as you wished it was. It’s amazing how much people have forgotten when they have the government to give it to them for NOTHING.

  • brianmouland

    Moore is too effing fat to run have another double whooper you 400 lb bag of sh-t!

  • Im_Rick_James

    Apparently Michael Moore still hasn’t figured out that it was Capitalism that made the Cheeseburger, Ice Cream, and Pizza possible. Somebody should bring that to his attention…

    • Im_Rick_James

      No Capitalism = No Big Macs – so shut yer burger hole, commie…

  • TonyMontana3

    He’s right.
    Obama 2012!

  • J.N. Ashby

    I’m 26k in student loan debt. I’m not in chains. Learn to be a cheapskate, dumb bells. It’s called “suck it up.” “Ehhhnnn I’m living paycheck-to-paycheck because I just got out of college. Woe is me! I didn’t get a 100k job right out of college. I deserve one! Woe is me!” Pttttttt shut yer face.

  • mommasaurus009

    MM needs to drop the “Flint” from his twitter..That city was named more dangerous than living in Kabul..why isn’t he living there & helping them out? Instead he lives in northern MI in a mansion on a lake that isn’t cheap & no blacks. He’s a blubbering idiot and only opens his mouth to try & show he has any relevance (he don’t)

  • http://www.facebook.com/ed.gog.37 Ed Gog

    most people takle student loans with the assumption that they will never pay them back, and alot dont. there are decent , excellent schools in the state or city universities, you dont have to go to an elite school, a degree is a degree except for medical, law school here it actually matters what school you attend

  • allenbarr

    michael moore is actually less.

  • Caiden

    So George Soros affecting politics isn’t ‘chainworthy’ or something?