Roseanne Barr wishes cancer on Chick-fil-A customers; Update: Claims Chick-fil-A patrons are guilty of ‘child abuse’; Update: Roseanne apologizes … sort of

All class.

(Hat tip: @tebuckey.)


Also classy? Roseanne believes parents who feed their kids food from Chick-fil-A are child abusers.

Update: Barr has posted an apology for her cancer comments, saying that while no one deserves cancer, they’re sure to get it from eating processed foods — such as those poisoned chicken anuses served by the Nazis at Shit-fil-A. Stay with us for a few tweets as the apology evolves, though.

For the help of her illiterate followers, Barr drops the references to “Christian liars” and “tortured chickens 4Christ” which seem to have distracted them from her message of healthy dietary choices.

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