No death penalty for Penn State; fans call sanctions rape and molestation

Just one day after Penn State removed a statue of disgraced coach Joe Paterno, the NCAA announced that the school will pay a $60 million fine. That’s the penalty for tacitly condoning and facilitating years of sexual abuse by convicted child rapist Jerry Sandusky.

Other sanctions and corrective actions:

A reminder of Joe Paterno’s words when Southern Methodist University was shut down for a year in the 1980s.

Many feel the penalties aren’t harsh enough.

But others believe Penn State should have gotten off easier. Hey, why should Penn State suffer for allowing a child rapist to steal the innocence of multiple children?

It’s an injustice? It’s unfair? Was Sandusky’s brutal violation of children just? Was it fair that Penn State officials built a culture of secrecy and silence that allowed the abuse to continue?


And now, revolting rape and molestation comparisons are bouncing around the Twitterverse.

The proper response:

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