Was Drake Bell hacked again? Justin Bieber fans wishing for his death aren’t buying it

Earlier this week, actor Drake Bell claimed a hacker used his Twitter account to send out a series of tweets knocking pop singer Katy Perry. He explained that while he would never slam Perry, teen pop idol Justin Bieber was fair game.

Fast forward a few days, and here’s what appeared on Bell’s Twitter feed this morning.



When hordes of Beliebers took offense, Bell played the “hacked” card again.


Hacked! Is the toaster still loyal?

Here’s what he tweeted next:

Also a hacker? Hmm?

These tweets were retweeted from Bell’s account shortly after he cried hacker:

Most Bieber fans find Bell’s hacking defense about as believable as Anthony Weiner’s.


True, what man doesn’t pine for “relativity”?



Some even wished for his death.



Sheesh, guys. Take up yoga or something.

But some Justin Bieber fans accepted the hacking explanation. They just can’t fathom that anyone would intentionally commit the career-ruining mistake of bashing The Biebs.

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