Fauxcahontas: Elizabeth Warren heralded as 'Harvard's first woman of color'; Hilarity ensues

It appears there is even more affirmative action, equal opportunity mocking to be done regarding Elizabeth Warren and the Lefties who enable her. Politico reports that a Fordham piece called her “Harvard’s first woman of color.” No, for reals. Diversity! Or something.

Elizabeth Warren has pushed back hard on questions about a Harvard Crimson piece in 1996 that described her as Native American, saying she had no idea the school where she taught law was billing her that way and saying it never came up during her hiring a year earlier, which others have backed up.

But a 1997 Fordham Law Review piece described her as Harvard Law School’s “first woman of color,” based, according to the notes at the bottom of the story, on a “telephone interview with Michael Chmura, News Director, Harvard Law (Aug. 6, 1996).”

Rut-roh! The internet never forgets, Sacaja-whiner! And Twitter never passes up an opportunity for well-deserved mocking.

And when two counts of idiocy collide … #ObamaInHistory plus Fauxcahontas:

  • http://twitter.com/ZoomZanne Zanne

    She gamed the system to her benefit. Shame.

    • Cuervo Jones

      Don’t hate the player, hate the game….

      • http://pulse.yahoo.com/_FV3OMX2J37ENRDTPFFAEBRQUKQ James

        It’s the people who make up the game. Blame the people.

  • JodyRoffi

    Maybe she should wear Obama’s gay rainbow colored halo.

    • http://www.facebook.com/radioactive.amish Dave Sund

      Rainbow dunce cap maybe

  • BwBarrnone

    Rainbow Dunce Cap!!!


  • http://potbateman.tumblr.com/ Pat Bateman

    I was promised “hilarity” at the top. None was delivered. I want my money back.

    • Clementhyme

      Me too, *yawn*

  • http://profile.yahoo.com/BSXOJSGY2CFNGV44B2DDP2AROY Bobgood1

    Shows the ” Make Believe World,” on our College Campuses . Talk about “Bend & Spin.”

  • http://twitter.com/KostyBluray Kosty

    “Dances with Cookbooks”?