Gruesome image: Boxer brutally assaulted by girlfriend's ex

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Boxer Nick Casal was a victim of a brutal assault over the weekend. According to reports, his girlfriend’s ex became overly jealous of the couple and attacked Casal along with a gang wielding golf clubs.

Jr welterweight Nick Casal (22-4-1, 17 KOs) was brutally attacked last night in Buffalo, New York. Casal was out with his girlfriend when from he was brutally attacked from behind by a gang wielding golf clubs. The attackers were identified as her ex-boyfriend and his friends. Medical reports are that Casal has a possible broken arm, multiple lacerations, including one at least 12 inches long.!/baileymaryy/status/201544916223016961

  • James A

    Were they a gang of golfers?

  • marine37

    You know what justice is? He should be allowed one swing with a club of his choice on his ex girlfriend and the gang that couldn’t swing straight. It is totally amazing that Mr. Casal is alive.