Anti-racist Chris Matthews tells black minister to 'evolve'

But it just so happens that the minister, Bishop Harry Jackson, is against gay marriage, which makes what Matthews said totally OK.

Fellow black minister, Reverend Delman Coates also appeared on the show. After Coates indicated he supported gay marriage, Jackson retorted, “Why not let the Muslims have polygamy and bigamy?”

This prompted Matthews to insultingly suggest: “I hope you evolve…I’m just teasing.”

Check out the link for the video.

See, the way it works is, it’s not racist to insult a black man if departs from the political road that’s been paved for him. It’s “teasing.” It’s pointing out his flaws. After all, he’s not toeing your line; he’s still got some evolving to do.

Don’t expect an apology from Matthews anytime soon. Don’t expect much of anything from him.


  • X_Navy_SWO

    Chris is mad because Bishop Jackson has wandered off the Democratic Party plantation, and Chris is telling him to get back in line.