Celebs gleefully lick Evolver in Chief's boots

Heh. Apparently “true leadership” was redefined at some point to mean “going back and forth and only taking a stand when it’s politically expedient.” It’s totally hip and cool to be for something after you’ve been against something after you’ve been for something but not really except maybe.

At least it seems to be enough to satisfy a bunch of self-righteous celebrities with very short memories:


Between these guys and the media, this is all just one big slobberfest.

We’re still waiting on them to come out and praise Dick Cheney, who has been in favor of gay marriage – privately and publicly – for some time.

We have a feeling we’ll be waiting a while.

  • VanessaEsther

    The Hollywood machine uses special effects to make these jesters seem prettier, we make them rich by watching their lame movies which we consider “entertaining,” (we suffer from low standards) Then they use their fabricated celebrity status to brainwash our gullible children into thinking their opinions matter. And that is why acceptance of gay marriage is climbing. Children are gullible, Hollywood knows that and they exploit everything they can.

  • lillymckim

    From the shallow self absorbed land of make believe…

    I can think of 88.3 million reasons why Obama is talking about gay marriage.
    Yes, Obama and the other self proclaimed”SUPERSTARS” the 1%er’s have all made it to the country club but have decided there is no longer room for you or your children.