Roseanne Barr announces her VP pick

Roseanne might be getting a little ahead of herself here. Understandable, what with the 72 votes she got as a write-in candidate in the D.C. Green Party primary.

No word from Willie Nelson on whether he’ll accept.

Sure, he’s ignoring her tweets and doesn’t even follow her on Twitter, but this thing is happening! The announcement was met with enthusiasm by Roseanne’s supporters.!/PeaceIsUponUs/status/199678460040462336!/HUMANWINE/status/199738699481743360!/temorolls/status/199742920084033536

  • Carl Beckman

    RT @TwitchyPolitics: #RoseanneBarr announces her VP pick Did I get this right? #Willienelson will be her pick, but he hasn’t accepted? The megalomania hasn’t subsided yet, has it.

  • Cornbread_Noah

    I’d love it if Roseanne would clean the toilets in my rental units.

  • $16471011

    Roseanne who?