Blowout: Mourdock headed for 20-point victory over Lugar

Tea Party favorite Richard Mourdock has crushed incumbent Senator Dick Lugar for the Republican nomination in Indiana. Just a month ago, Lugar was considered the favorite in this race. A Howey/DePauw poll showed Lugar up by 7 points, 42 to 35. It appears that undecided voters broke overwhelmingly for Mourdock.!/Doingworkdaily/status/200057731326033920

Apparently the Tea Party didn’t know it is supposed to be dead:

@FreedomWorks stood by Mourdock even when it was not popular to do so. It deserves props for today’s victory:

As Director of New Media for Freedomworks, Kristina Ribali played a major role in the race but graciously gave credit to grassroots activists on the ground in Indiana:

Twitchy owner/founder Michelle Malkin, who endorsed Mourdock in February, spoke at a pre-election rally in Indianapolis on Saturday.  At the end of her speech, she led the crowd in singing “na na na, hey hey hey goodbye” to Lugar (video here).

Here’s hoping that all the remaining RINOs in the U.S. Senate get the message:

We’re pretty sure Orrin Hatch noticed today’s results:

Here are some of the prominent Republicans who endorsed Lugar in this race:

Seems like everyone in the GOP is getting on the Mourdock bandwagon now.  Better late than never.

It comes as no surprise that liberal politicians and pundits were rooting for Lugar:

Mourdock supporters got in a pretty good dig before the results were announced…!/Mourdock4Senate/status/199984617288237056

…but Mourdock is gracious in victory:

Lugar not so much:

Time to step up and support Mourdock in the general election, folks:

Donate here.

“Unity rally” tomorrow morning. Anyone think Lugar will show up?

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