Michelle Obama wants your questions; Update: Ask Michelle game on; Update: #AskMichelle trending

Perhaps Twitter should oblige her? Let’s start with this.

Why the silence, Mrs. Obama? Are children not “off-limits?”

We are sure y’all have more questions for the First Lady.

#AskMichelle, it is.

Update: Mrs. Obama asks, Twitter answers.





Keep them coming, Twitter. #AskMichelle is now trending in the United States. Yet another Twitter fail for the Obama administration.

  • The Monster

    All your hashtags are belong to us.

    • http://www.darthcalvin.com Darth Calvin

      Yeah, but do we really want them???

      • http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=sHY_xOj2M_g PistolsForPandas


        • http://www.darthcalvin.com Darth Calvin

          Hose ’em down first before you take ’em…never know where they have been.

  • http://twitter.com/beebopareebop MarriottPL

    Why does a couple that makes more than $700K and has a house in Chicago and Camp David in the DC suburbs think that taxpayers should pay for their getaways? I haven’t had a vaca in more than 3 years …. PAY FOR IT YOURSELF

    • Junie3

      And why does the couple in the white house have us tax payers pay for their house security in Chicago, when they don’t own the house? A trust owns it.

  • Mad Voter in MN CD 2

    I may have to skip my daughters soccer game tonight! How delightful. #Julia, #Attackwatch, #Truthteam, #Forward etc…

    You silly libtards never learn…

  • DeafRanger

    I am in the junk food desert. What should I do? #AskMichelle

    • Guest

      Great post!

  • DeafRanger

    My wife and I are below the poverty level. Will YOU share YOUR wealth with me WITHIN A WEEK? #AskMichelle

  • http://twitter.com/tms2560 Terry Shane

    Do u approve of carrot cake to fund raise for kids?

  • http://www.facebook.com/radioactive.amish Dave Sund

    This is brilliant and almost painful to watch

  • http://twitter.com/DelphiRetirees Delphi Retirees

    Michelle – When’s your husband going to finally address the injustice we’re facing? Here’s his own words saying that “Pension protection is something we should put at the top of our list.” – http://tinyurl.com/7extkfl Wasn’t his presidency supposed to be based on transparency?? Here’s his words again -http://tinyurl.com/7lnde7l #askmichelle

  • http://twitter.com/DelphiRetirees Delphi Retirees

    Michelle – Does your husband care about winning Ohio this Novemeber? If so, I suggest addressing our problem immediately – http://turner.house.gov/delphi/

  • http://profile.yahoo.com/DGUM6FJWR3ZJFE2SDVLOYHV3OU First L

    Why are you such a moocher Moochelle?

  • Zanshi

    What I’d like to know is when Team Obama with make an #IGiveUp hashtag.

    • Guest

      You guys are cracking me up!

  • Emily Watson

    Michelle, do you blame Laura Bush for your Problems?

  • http://theothermccain.com smitty
  • Cornbread_Noah

    When are you going to pay back the taxpayer dollars squandered? When is your husband going to figure out that he’s as capable of being president as I am of being a proctologist? Finally, don’t tell me what to eat, until your butt can fit in a pair of “height weight proportional” jeans.

  • chicagoxile

    Steak and arugula, Michelle? Have you seen the price of arugula at Whole Foods lately?

  • xbox361

    this shit is funny
    hey michelle, is his stick big or does Joe L exaggerate?

  • http://backwardsboy.blogspot.com/ BackwardsBoy

    As a Twitter newbie, this was a hilarious introduction for me. So that’s how it’s done, eh? As a Moron from the Ace of Spades HQ, I thought I knew snark, but I stand humbly in silent awe of the great comments and questions.
    What an epic smackdown. I salute you all. This is truly a great country. I must now crosspost this at my little blog, to let all fourteen of my readers know what they missed.

  • Big Ed

    Kudos! There are some great questions in there! There are so many, it’s even hard to pick my favorite!!
    But maybe this one…

    Teri Christoph

    Dear @MichelleObama: I’m volunteering at a soup kitchen tonight. Gucci or Prada? #AskMichelle

  • Big Ed

    Michelle… is Kobe beef really worth 100 dollars a pound?

  • Big Ed

    Michelle… have you ever gone to a Halloween party in whiteface?

  • Big Ed

    Stephen Green


    Which makes you most proud of your country today: Drone strikes or Gitmo? #askmichelle


  • Big Ed

    Jerome Hudson


    Hey Michelle, who “punished” you more, Sasha or Malia? #AskMichelle


  • d2lv

    What is your body mass index?

    • http://profile.yahoo.com/U5V7YCAILSUL236F2ZMF645FME Kevin

      not bad , if you do not count her rear end

  • agoodeye

    Michelle, once you’re booted from the White House, are you still gonna be proud of your country? Has it been hard to pretend that, since you became first lady, that you really like the U.S.? I mean, you are one opportunistic lady! I have to hand it to you for putting on the game face. Oh, one last thing…is it Bora Bora or the south of France for Mother’s day?

  • Chance Boudreaux

    @MichelleObama do you keep Barack’s testicles locked up where you keep his Birth Certificate or somewhere else?

  • Taxpayer1234

    Why did you talk U of Chicago hospital into dumping Medicaid patients? Only your elite Southside friends deserve elite medical care?

  • Rob Kutka

    Dear FLOTUS, how do YOU stay so fit without the government telling you how?