Chen Guangcheng calls into Congressional hearing, fears for his family; Update: Actor Christian Bale offers help!/eric55explorer/status/198143303416418304

As reported earlier, the House of Representatives called an emergency hearing on Chen Guangcheng while the Obama administration made the gutsy call of ducking.

He fears for his family and wants to come to the United States.

At least Bob Fu and Representative Smith (R-NJ) aren’t ignoring his pleas, unlike Secretary of State Clinton.

Twitchy will monitor the situation and update.


Christian Bale expressed his solidarity and desire to help the blind Chinese dissident.

Americans express horror at how the Obama administration is handling the situation.!/BunchTrans/status/198148100672602114!/Catherinesday/status/198148057521594368

Update: Christian Bale has tried to help Chen Guangcheng before.


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House holds emergency hearing on Chen Guangcheng; Obama ducking

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Chen Guangcheng calls into Congressional hearing, fears for his family

  • BeeKaaay

    What’s this? The REPUBLICAN HOUSE OF REPRESENTATIVES cares more about human rights than the Obama Regime?


  • Pastor emeritus Nathan Bickel

    If the man were a Muslim, Obama would fall head over heels to help him. But, those of us, in the know, realize Obama’s genuine roots:

    “Obama Not Christian – No Mmore Than the Man in the Moon”

  • mkw2001

    you know if he is not brought to the US he and his family has no chance in China…