Redskins drafted Kirk Cousins because they’re RACIST!

When the Washington Redskins drafted Michigan State’s quarterback Kirk Cousins in the fourth round, the overwhelming response from most fans was “WTF!?!?!?” After all, they gave up a TON in order to draft Baylor’s Robert Griffin III second overall.

On ESPN’s First Take, sports analyst Skip Bayless said the only reason Washington drafted Cousins is because the Redskins are RACIST!!!/jacdav70/status/196972676017946624!/bluemoses22/status/196975001654665217

  • David Oliver-Recruiter

    man, people are just DUMB!! Skip Brainless should be fired!

  • Ars21689

    This is why I stopped watching First Take awhile ago, if it isn’t Skip Bayless its Rob Parker screaming racism about anything involving a black athlete.

  • Scott

    Didn’t Rush get fired for something like this?