Petty 80's band Yello thinks they own phrase 'Oh yeah', tell Karl Rove 'Oh no'

80’s band Yello is objecting to the phrase “oh yeah” appearing in Karl Rove’s American Crossroads video, which mocks President Obama. As BuzzFeed said, what a yellow herring. Are they going to go after Hot Air’s Allahpundit next for his fondness for using “Aww yeah?”

But the issue may be a red — or perhaps yellow — herring. Jonathan Collegio, a spokesman for American Crossroads, denied they were using Yello’s sound.

“The audio was taken from a sound effect website, then processed and lowered by 4 half-steps for pitch to produce the desired sound for the video,” Collegio said.

They should join with Maroon 5’s Adam Levine, who threatened to “lose his shit” if Obama loses. Oooh, scary. Is he going to ‘sing’ at us? Just don’t sing “Oh yeah,” Adam! Unless that is only disallowed if mocking The One. All things serve The One!

Grow up, Yello, and stop desperately trying to fit in with the Lefty celebrity crowd. What a bunch of yello bellies!

  • Kieran Dill

    It is the first 2 words of the Beatles “I Wanna Hold Your Hand”, so I’d say the Yellers should not throw stones from the front porch of their glass house, eh?