Not so 'gutsy call' plus Obama plays Bin Laden card after criticizing use of Bin Laden as 'politics of fear'

Gutsy call? Gutsy call of others.

That hasn’t stopped President Obama from playing the Bin Laden card in a new campaign ad, which suggests that Mitt Romney wouldn’t have gone after Bin Laden.

Romney responds, calling it out for the pathetic ploy that it is.

Jammie Wearing Fool puts it best:

When allowing the military to do their job is the sole accomplishment of your failed presidency, what else are you going to do?

Yep. However, happy warriors won’t allow it. See, wait a minute, Mr. President. What happened to that whole “don’t spike the football” deal? And what about that whole “invoking Bin Laden is using politics of fear” thing? Thought we forgot about that, didn’t you? Guess again.

And, whoops.

Kind of defeats your argument there, buddy. No one knows what they would do in such a situation until it, you know, happens. Good thing Admiral McRaven was there and not candidate Obama.

  • daisie13

    No class, not cool and clueless to boot.  It is better that others are actualy running the show from behind the scenes in this presidency, it could really be worse although hard to imagine.