Jeb Bush as GOP VP candidate? Or not…

On Friday, former Florida Gov. Jeb Bush reportedly said he would consider being the vice presidential nominee on the Republican ticket in November if asked. Bush is very popular in the swing-state of Florida, and he has strong support among demographic groups key to winning the White House in 2012.

He is acceptable to some conservatives on Twitter…!/djm6765/status/193754857881083904

…but not all:!/vpdelisi/status/193770798316654592

Today, new reports stressed Bush’s emphatic denial that he wants the job:


  • Blog

    Let’s agree to not elect any more Bushs, Clintons or Kennedys please.

  • Libertyship46

    Jeb Bush may have been a good governor, but can we leave it at that? I think it’s too soon to have another Bush that close to the White House, especially when there are so many other good candidates out there. I would suggest Bobby Jindal from Louisiana. Great guy, great governor, and very, very, smart. He’d be a great choice.