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Powerful photo makes the rounds on Holocaust Remembrance Day

False rumor: Koch brothers are paying George Zimmerman’s legal fees


Facts? Truth? Nah, those are just distractions when the Left discovers a juicy rumor about the “Kochtopus.” The left side of the Twittersphere has been swarming with allegations that the Koch brothers are funding George Zimmerman’s legal expenses. Here’s a sampling of the outrageously outraged tweets: Koch is paying zimmerman legal fees…Stop & read & […]

How not to retract a false story: CBN scrubs Chuck Colson obituary (UPDATE: CBN comes through, fixes dead link)


Mistakes happen. It’s how a news organization handles those mistakes that matters.

Jose Canseco wonders: Why do I have so many Twitter followers?

Canseco asked. Twitter answered: should we tell him? RT @JoseCanseco: Why is it that I have almost 450k followers close to the most of any past or current baseball player.— Remington Sprake (@Rsprake1) April 19, 2012 @JoseCanseco Because people like to feel smart, and since you're a dumb ass reading your tweets help them.— Bradley […]

Once again, Sarah Silverman tweets about her anus

sarah butt

At least we know it’s clean.