False rumor: Koch brothers are paying George Zimmerman’s legal fees

Facts? Truth? Nah, those are just distractions when the Left discovers a juicy rumor about the “Kochtopus.” The left side of the Twittersphere has been swarming with allegations that the Koch brothers are funding George Zimmerman’s legal expenses. Here’s a sampling of the outrageously outraged tweets:


Ah, yes, that info looks legit. Especially the part about the right to “bare” arms. We didn’t realize Zimmerman was wearing a wife-beater the day he shot Trayvon Martin.

This morning, the editor-in-chief of Global Grind tweeted about a statement of denial issued by Koch Industries.

And @KochFacts, a Twitter account managed by Koch Industries, set the record straight yesterday:

Apparently those who love to hate all things Koch didn’t get the message. They’re doing the usual progressive dance and calling for boycotts:


Related: Koch Industries is going after MSNBC for suggesting that the Koch brothers played a role in Trayvon Martin’s shooting death.

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