Twitter has fun creating socialist band names!/ChrisBarnhart/status/192769502302318592

We know that Twitter should only be for serious business and all… but we can’t resist highlighting the best #ReplaceBandNameWithSocialist tweets.!/adamsbaldwin/status/192767755257253888!/amish1979/status/192770624714833920!/MotherBreitbart/status/192771060733722626!/bryansiegfried/status/192771298596884482!/AndrewJKiss1/status/192770095578234880!/echo4H/status/192765011549110273!/FirstTeamTommy/status/192768782014496768

  • CyberRabid

    I thought my “Red Hot Chili Socialists’ was good, but I guess the haters need everything to be a personal attack…. 

  • David Pechon

    I especially liked Huey Long and the News.

  • Cigarette, Old Man?

    Dem Zepplin

  • Cigarette, Old Man?

    Obamas New Airplane

  • Cigarette, Old Man?

    Credence Clearwater Re-education

  • Cigarette, Old Man?

    Commander Obama, and his lost planet airmen, sorry guys.



  • cscape

    The Captain and TROTSKY

  • Shiori_Uyoku

    Van Halen –> Van Stalin
    Queen –> Dictator
    Metallica –> Moatallica
    Korn –> Akorn
    Bush –> Bush Did It
    Fault Out Boy –> Fall Out Shelter
    The Violent Femmes –> The Violent Dems

  • OSweet

    Kings of Leon Trotsky
    Mother Love Jones
    Barack of Seagulls
    Flock of Engels
    Ho Chi Minh Blossoms
    The Ted Kennedys
    Bow Wow Mao
    Pete Seeger Puppets
    Radiohead Asner
    Che GuevaREM