Gutsy call: House Speaker Boehner endorses Mitt Romney

This one was quite a nail-biter. It’s not like the GOP already has a presumptive nominee or anything.

So why now? Speaker Boehner answered that question at a press conference today.

Really, he said that. A rousing endorsement if we ever heard one.

One person speculated tears may have been involved in the endorsement:

In related news, former GOP candidate Herman Cain just wants to get the show on the road and now acknowledges that the candidate he endorsed, Newt Gingrich, can’t win the nomination.

  • Hiraghm

    So now we can vote for Red Party Alphonse Simms, or White Party Alphonse Simms… (Moon over Parador)


    ✡ Of course @SpeakerBoehner endorses Romney. BOTH are liberal GOPE goons.